BrandOmbre Première the new CHANEL shadows

Ombre Première the new CHANEL shadows


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Ombre Première the new CHANEL shadows
Ombre Première the new CHANEL shadows

Enhance your eyes with Chanel Premiere Eye Shadow Powder

Make-up evolves with the seasons but also with the research of the best brands specializing in the world of beauty. Thus, today there are a whole lot of products to sublimate the complexion, the mouth or the eyes. In this context, Chanel has just made a whole assortment of make-up products belonging to the “Première” collection. Focus on the new Chanel Premiere Eyeshadows in Powder.

Chanel’s new powdery eye shadow formula

Chanel Premiere Eyeshadow Powder is embellished with a powdery texture. This provides several advantages. Indeed, unlike cream eyeshadow, loose powder is often more concentrated in pigments. Thus, the Première Eyeshadow Powder promises to offer you a particularly intense finish. Its ultra pure pigments reveal unexpected and radiant colors and will sublimate your eyes like never before. What is more, note that fine spherical particles are contained in the texture of this product. These are designed to roll over the eyelid, which greatly facilitates the application of Première Chanel Eye Shadows.

It also makes it much easier to create gradients. At the same time, note that the formula of Chanel Première Eyeshadow Powder is rich in long-lasting ingredients, which makes it possible to obtain a homogeneous result throughout the day, without loss of density. Finally, of course, this powder was tested under ophthalmological control. It is suitable for the most sensitive skin but also for contact lens wearers.

The presentation of Chanel Eye Shadows

The Première Eyeshadow Powder comes in a large box containing a mirror and two applicators. Its foam tip allows you to apply the powder. Its synthetic bristle brush, for its part, allows you to fade the color and achieve pretty gradations. Everything is available in a wide range of vibrant shades.

Likewise, be aware that Chanel offers three different finishes, namely mat, satin or metallic. By combining the different colors and the different textures, you will be able to obtain an infinite number of different make-up. From then on, the Chanel Première Eyeshadows in Powder allow all the daring and will offer you a make-up adaptable to each occasion and to each of your outfits. For even more tenacity over time, do not hesitate to apply an eyeshadow base beforehand. Then, once the application of your Premiere de Chanel Powder Eye Shadow, all you have to do is sublimate your eyes with a line of eyeliner and mascara.

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