Paco RabanneOlympéa by Paco Rabanne, the scent of a modern-day...

Olympéa by Paco Rabanne, the scent of a modern-day goddess


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Olympéa by Paco Rabanne, the scent of a modern-day goddessOlympéa by Paco Rabanne, the scent of a modern-day goddess
Olympéa by Paco Rabanne, the scent of a modern-day goddess

After the incredible success of Paco Rabanne’s Invictus perfume, the house decided to launch its female counterpart. Indeed, within the brand, the perfumes are always imagined by couple, it is a kind of tradition. Also, Invictus’ alter ego is now called Olympéa . If he symbolized athletic power and masculine strength, it is, on the other hand, the power of the spirit. Its fragrance smells divinely good and seems to have fallen straight from the mountain of the gods.

Olympéa, an elegant fragrance contained in a jewel bottle

Olympéa is a very fresh fragrance that grabs us and the first scents. However, it does not lack character and is enhanced by many spices. It combines the sensuality of a vanilla accord with more floral notes. Its heart releases the citrus glow of green tangerine. Then, its dynamism continues through ginger, combined with the delicacy of jasmine. Its base, on the other hand, is more woody and more tenacious. It combines the warmth of cashmere wood with the sensuality of ambergris. All the originality of Olympéa lies in its duality. This essence plays on the opposition between freshness and tenacity. It was imagined by three particularly talented noses, namely Loc Dong, Anne Flipo and Dominique Ropion. It is contained in an equally attractive bottle. This one was created by designer Marc-Ange. He associated the timeless attributes of power with very strong art-deco codes. In this case, it is surrounded by laurels worked in gadroons, a sort of ancient symbolism par excellence and constituting the wings of victory. This jewel plays on transparency and gives off a particularly feminine pink color. Its symmetry and geometry make it resolutely modern.

Paco Rabanne imagines a woman with a strong temperament

Olympéa is a cheeky fragrance. He does not lack daring and dares to break codes and conventions. It must be said that Paco Rabanne’s watchword for its design was none other than Excellence; a very promising ambition but no less well realized. Also, a woman like that was needed. It is therefore on the beautiful Luma Grothe that Paco Rabanne has set his sights. We find the beautiful 22-year-old Brazilian model at the top of Olympus. His eyes sparkle and exude an unparalleled playfulness. The pretty young woman seems to match the image of the fragrance wonderfully. She leaves no one indifferent and combines sensuality and daring better than anyone. It is found in a film signed by Alexandre Courtès. This one plunges us into a mythological setting where Luma Grothe reigns supreme… Or rather a goddess. She’s a kind of modern day Cleopatra and it only takes a snap of her fingers for everyone to follow her. Fans of the brand will have recognized the legendary signature of previous Paco Rabanne advertisements. So, you too, do not resist and follow in the footsteps of the beautiful goddess Olympea.

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