Paco RabanneOlympéa Blossom, a new floral goddess comes to Paco...

Olympéa Blossom, a new floral goddess comes to Paco Rabanne


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Olympéa Blossom, a new floral goddess comes to Paco Rabanne
Olympéa Blossom, a new floral goddess comes to Paco Rabanne

An architect by training, the perfumer Paco Rabanne quickly turned to sewing and perfumery. Nevertheless, not forgetting his first loves, he designed surprising clothes based on materials never before used in the parades. An avant-garde designer, he has always been synonymous with modernity. Thus, when Paco Rabanne makes a perfume, he portrays the vision of a woman rooted in her time, as unconventional as she is sensual. This is precisely how Olympéa was imagined in 2015. Since then, the contemporary goddess of Paco Rabanne has never stopped reinventing herself. In 2021, this one gives us yet another new trait of its personality, under the new name of Olympéa Blossom.

Olympéa Blossom, the story of a new heroine

Olympéa Blossom gives us a new feminine fantasy. He portrays us the portrait of the chosen one, of the woman surpassing ordinary mortals. As directly descended from Olympus, this one is as feminine as it is bewitching. Irreverent at will, she leaves no one indifferent and no one seems to be able to resist her. Olympéa Blossom is in a way a goddess of modern times, queen of queens, and women of all victories. This time, in this new olfactory variation, this divinity is only dressed in flowers. Olympéa Blossom takes us to the bottom of a divine garden and captivates us with her sexy beauty. The woman who wears Olympéa Blossom is not afraid of anything and captivates just as much by her desire for freedom as by her cheerfulness.

Olympéa Blossom, a generous bouquet of spicy roses

Olympéa Blossom is not lacking in temperament and this is evident from the top notes of this perfume. These contain pink pepper, which is sure to capture the attention! However, this spice is immediately softened by fresh rose petals mixed with blackcurrant sorbet. Olympéa Blossom by Paco Rabanne makes an incandescent shiver float in the air. Its heart, for its part, preserves its freshness thanks to a pear sorbet. The atmosphere only warms up little by little, until it gains a more sensual and suave base. There, the salty vanilla is wrapped in a smooth cashmere. Patchouli, meanwhile, deploys a lingering and woody breath, while being accompanied by a delicate musky trail.

Paco Rabanne transforms his mythological bottle

To mark its membership in the great Olympéa family, Olympéa Blossom is presented in a bottle common to that of all its predecessors. Its shape remains unchanged and seems to come directly from another era. Very mythological in inspiration, this container forms a perfect circle, deliciously surrounded by laurels. For the very first time, these are tinted with gold, just like its cap. Its black top matches a few flowers drawn on its glass walls. Olympéa Blossom is revealed in the romanticism of a rose-colored juice. Refined, couture and timeless, it is fully in line with the sought-after aesthetic of the Paco Rabanne brand.

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