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BrandCalvin KleinObsessed for Men new Calvin Klein perfume

Obsessed for Men new Calvin Klein perfume


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Obsessed for Men by Calvin Klein
Obsessed for Men by Calvin Klein

Obsessed For Men, the new embodiment of Calvin Klein’s sensual desires

Calvin Klein has always strived to be ahead of its time. Thus, if the brand was first illustrated in the world of fashion, its perfumes very quickly became essential fragrances for the younger generations. Calvin Klein has always wanted to convey strong images through its perfumes, without restraint but always very elegant. Moreover, this is precisely what we found in the perfume Obsession pour Homme from 1986. Well, it is precisely this one that is once again in the spotlight in a brand new modern adaptation. Obsession has today transformed into a new Obsessed For Men, for our greatest pleasure!

Kate Moss returns to Calvin Klein

Before even telling you about the new scent of Obsessed For Men , let’s start by making a brief stop on its advertising. Indeed, this is an important element of this new perfume. This one already promises to spill a lot of ink. In addition, for the release of Obsessed For Men, Calvin Klein has decided to reimagine one of his most famous muses: the English model Kate Moss.

This one had already posed for Obsession pour Homme and the images photographed in black and white by Mario Sorrenti had then toured the world and had literally propelled the career of the young woman . These pictures mark the beginning of a long love affair between the latter and the famous fashion brand. As if to refocus on its initial values, Calvin Klein therefore decided to bring out from the archives some unused photographs of this 1993 campaign. These will be used for the presentation of Obsessed For Men and already promise to make everyone happy. brand lovers.

The bewitching power of vanilla at the heart of Obsessed For Men

On the scent side, Obsessed For Men turns out to be a particularly tempting juice, as its predecessor once was. It is a sensual, powerful and virile fragrance, exalting the natural passion of men. Indeed, the male sex seems above all to be guided by their passions, whether it is an obsession for work, for love or for sport. However, it is precisely this ardor of feelings that we find in Obsessed For Men. This was highlighted by perfumers Ilias Ermenidis and Christophe Raynaud.

Both from the prestigious ISIPCA school in Versailles, they are among the best noses on the planet and already have numerous bestsellers to their credit. What’s more, Christophe Raynaud has always admitted to adoring reinterpreting the great classics of perfumery. Here, he therefore gave himself to their heart’s content. Together, they chose to make a perfume mainly made of vanilla. Star ingredient of perfumery, this one is renowned for its sweet, carnal and provocative side. Suffice to say that this is an ideal raw material to sublimate the new Obsessed For Men.

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