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BrandNina RicciNina's Delicacies, Nina Ricci's new delight

Nina’s Delicacies, Nina Ricci’s new delight


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Nina's Delicacies, Nina Ricci's new delight
Nina’s Delicacies, Nina Ricci’s new delight

Spring has finally arrived and the beautiful days should soon resurface. From then on, all beauty magazines only talk about one thing: diets. However, it seems that Nina Ricci has decided to go in the opposite universe to this one. The brand has staked everything on sweets. In addition, Nina Ricci is currently presenting a brand new version of her iconic fragrance Nina . This one is now called Les Gourmandises de Nina, enough to make more than one salivate!

Who is behind Nina’s name?

Nina is more than a perfume. He is the embodiment of a modern day heroine. The Nina collection conveys values, an optimistic way of seeing life. It was created in 2006. Since its launch, Nina has embodied the image of a fresh, contemporary, romantic woman, but a bit daring. She has made Paris her kingdom and her everyday life a real playground. With her, surprises follow one another. Therefore, Nina Ricci does not hesitate to decline this perfume in an infinite number of variations. It reinvents itself year after year, creating more and more sparks in the eyes of consumers. Nevertheless, Nina Ricci seems to be particularly attracted by gourmet scents. After all, what could be more trendy? Sweet fragrances are currently on the rise and this is precisely what we find in Les Gourmandises de Nina.

Nina Ricci’s new recipe

Les Gourmandises de Nina is a real treat. This new fragrance pushes women’s love for sweet fragrances to its peak. However, this juice does not lack femininity and clarity. Thus, its freshness is displayed as soon as it starts. Les Gourmandises de Nina begins with an aerial flight of citrus fruits. Its top notes are dominated by the presence of lemon. Then, the citrus breath of this fruit gives way to an exotic and greedy heart. Les Gourmandises de Nina leaves behind a combination of pineapple and coconut. Indeed, it contains a pina colada accord. A real holiday call before its time, this succulent blend is associated with the tangy aspect of passion fruit. Its gluttony then continues at its base. Les Gourmandises de Nina ends with an enveloping and floral association of gardenia,

The bottle of Nina’s Gourmandises

As always, Les Gourmandises de Nina is presented to us in the iconic apple of Nina Ricci. Indeed, this bottle has been present since the launch of the first Nina in 2006. Les Gourmandises de Nina is revealed in a particularly feminine and sparkling pink color. This one is nevertheless covered with an infinity of small pearls. Thus, Les Gourmandises de Nina is like a real candy. Its sophistication is reflected in the gold leaves of this bottle. the whole thing is absolutely attractive!

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