BrandNina RicciNina Rouge, the new forbidden fruit of Nina Ricci

Nina Rouge, the new forbidden fruit of Nina Ricci


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Nina Rouge, the new forbidden fruit of Nina Ricci
Nina Rouge, the new forbidden fruit of Nina Ricci

Nina Rouge, the new chewable apple from Nina Ricci

The Nina Ricci house has the art of transporting us into a magical world, largely full of gluttony. Since 2006, the brand has delighted our taste buds and our sense of smell thanks to its sweet fragrance named Nina. Reinterpreted many times, it gave birth to Bella and Luna, the other two heroines of Nina Ricci. Today, however, the brand wishes to refocus on its main bestseller. Nina Ricci presents Nina Rouge, a new chewable apple, even more delicious than in the past.

Nina Rouge, an apple you can’t resist

Nina Rouge is a particularly gourmet and tempting fragrance. So, it seems almost impossible to resist his temptation. It is therefore precisely this message that Nina Ricci wanted to convey on her new bottle. As always, Nina Rouge comes in an apple-shaped bottle. Indeed, the forbidden fruit became the absolute icon of Nina Ricci in 1952, for the fragrance Fille d’Eve. Since then, he has reinvented himself for multiple creations. Here, Nina Ricci’s apple is adorned with a new red lacquer. A small ribbon is also attached to her collar, revealing Nina Ricci’s initials. Its front, for its part, seems to have been sketched. Definitely, no one can resist the call of gluttony!

The contrasting and delicious smell of Nina Rouge

Like the very first version of Nina, the new Nina Rougeowes its existence to perfumer Olivier Cresp. While the Nina perfume is rather floral, lemony and fruity, Nina Rouge, for its part, is a composition “excessively, mainly and radically greedy”. More concretely, its scent takes off on a fruity duo. The juicy raspberry gives its top notes a tangy and appetizing aspect. Lime, on the other hand, is more lively and airy. Its pep’s is amplified by more spicy but no less feminine ginger flowers. The gardenia, meanwhile, deposits its velvety and creamy accents here. Nina Rouge gradually evolves towards a smooth and tender base. The latter is sublimated with bourbon vanilla and crunchy caramel, two ingredients that give Nina Rouge all its gluttony.

Estella Boersma, muse of Nina Ricci

Already present in Les Belles de Nina, alongside Barbara Palvin (Bella) and Sonia Ben Ammar (Luna), it is again Estella Boersma who lends her image to the perfume of Nina Ricci. Here, she invites herself in a light and playful advertisement, to the sound of the title Comic Strip by Serge Gainsbourg. Dressed in a red coat, Estella Boersma has fun in front of the camera, carrying in her hands a huge bottle of Nina Rouge. Between small dance steps, nonchalant kicks in the apple or unexpected play of eyebrows, the model reveals her charms here while preserving an almost childish innocence. The decor is set: Nina Rouge is a regressive fragrance, to our delight!

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