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BrandNina RicciNina Ricci presents her perfume monster Nina

Nina Ricci presents her perfume monster Nina


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Nina Ricci presents her perfume monster Nina
Nina Ricci presents her perfume monster Nina

Nina Ricci dares a crazy new packaging with Nina’s Monsters

The Nina Ricci house is famous the world over for its refined creations and its often very poetic style. Thus, her perfume Nina is a perfect demonstration of her know-how and her creative impetus. This floral and gourmet essence is the very embodiment of a contemporary heroine, at the same time fresh, romantic and light. However, Nina Ricci seems to have wanted to bring a touch of eccentricity to her department by transforming her so poetic olfactory tale. Nina Ricci presents Nina’s Monsters, a limited edition perfume with a totally crazy bottle.

The new visual of the perfume Nina

If Les Monstres de Nina is indeed a new olfactory composition, it must be recognized that it surprises above all by its unique visuals. Nina’s Monsters reinterprets Nina Ricci’s iconic apple and turns her into an enchanting and fun creature. The shape of the apple is still present but is now used to draw the face of a kind of owl rather than to represent a fruit as such. Thus, the bottle of Nina Ricci evolves from a luminous yellow base to a much more flashy red. The silver cap draws a sort of eccentric haircut to this unexpected animal. A sort of huge oversized red pompom is also attached to the level of its collar. Finally, to complete the whole, two huge round eyes decorate its front face. Since then,

Nina packaging designed by Ana Strumpf and Guto Requena

So who could have had the audacity to offer such a bottle? For this limited edition, Nina Riccicalled on the two Brazilian designers Ana Strumpf and Guto Requena. Ana Strumpf is a true artist at heart and does not hesitate to appropriate some of the most famous magazines on the planet to give them a touch of pep’s and cheerfulness. She is not at her first attempt and also collaborated last year with Nina Ricci to make the two Christmas bottles of Nina and Luna. Guto Requena, meanwhile, is a graduate in architecture and town planning. He constantly offers very current work, drawing inspiration, moreover, from digital technologies, cyberculture and new lifestyles. It is therefore a particularly modern vision of Nina that this duo offers us today.

The greedy smell of Nina’s Monsters

From then on, all that remained was to make a fragrance to integrate it into this eccentric bottle. Nina Ricci has opted for a gourmet, floral and fruity essence. Les Monstres de Nina is a work by Olivier Cresp. Its scent flies on an alliance of pear and blackcurrant. This round and vegetal breath is quickly relayed by a more floral and greedy heart. The peony becomes greedier in contact with the cotton candy. Thus, Nina’s Monsters does not shy away from her childish inspiration. It ends with a particularly appetizing breath of praline.

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