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BrandNina RicciNina Ricci celebrates 2020 with the new Bella collector

Nina Ricci celebrates 2020 with the new Bella collector


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Nina Ricci celebrates 2020 with the new Bella collector
Nina Ricci celebrates 2020 with the new Bella collector

Bella Collector, how about personalizing your Nina Ricci bottle yourself?

The Nina Ricci house has given birth to many cult perfumes. Among them, Nina still serves as a bestseller. Created in 2006, this fragrance is the symbol of romantic and poetic femininity. Then, strong of her notoriety, she gave birth to Luna, in 2016. A few years later, it was also to Bella to see the light of day. Year after year, the Nina Ricci woman emancipates herself, gains in daring and confidence. What if you choose today to contribute to this change? Nina Ricci invites you to discover Bella Collector, and to personalize her bottle yourself …

The new bottle of Bella Collector

Bella Collector always comes in an apple-shaped bottle. It must be said that this fruit has become inseparable from the Nina Ricci house. He made his appearance within the brand in 1952, in collaboration with Lalique, a prestigious French glassmaker. The absolute embodiment of temptation, the apple here retains its pretty green color. Its hood, meanwhile, this time becomes totally golden. Finally, in a more festive spirit, a shower of gold glitter decorates the top of its bottle. In addition, in her cardboard box, Nina Ricci slipped a whole bunch of stickers designed by Ana Strumpf. These allow you to personalize your perfume bottle as you see fit. Thus, Nina Ricci offers you the possibility of owning a unique model of perfumery, designed among others by you.

Who is Ana Strumpf, Nina Ricci’s new partner?

So who is the talented Ana Strumpf, to whom we owe the little Bella Collector stickers? Born in Sao Paulo, it is in New York that the young woman finally studied, at the Fashion Institute of Technology, then at the Parsons School, from which she graduated in 2010. Endowed with a visionary spirit and boundless creativity, Ana Strumpf then had fun hijacking some of the biggest magazines on the planet, decorating them with many patterns. From there, she gradually asserted her colorful, pop and dense universe… Qualifiers that are easily attributed here to Nina Ricci’s new Collector collection.

Nina Ricci’s fruity recipe remains unchanged

But then, what about the scent of this new perfume? Rest assured fans of the brand: this is still Bella’s original recipe, designed by Sonia Constant and Louise Turner. Bella Collector begins with a fresh and incisive combination of mandarin and rhubarb. Its very vegetal top notes are then relayed by a more floral heart of rose and freesia. Then, to recall all the delicacies of the Nina collection, Bella Collector is wrapped in vanilla. The white musks finally float an airy and refined breath on the whole.

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