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BrandNew Shadow Premiere of CHANEL

New Shadow Premiere of CHANEL


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New Shadow Premiere of CHANEL
New Shadow Premiere of CHANEL

Add color to your eyes with the Ombres Première Eyes Collection by Chanel

Make-up is an art in its own right that adapts to the circumstances. So, if it is often light on a daily basis, it can also be a good way to be bold at a party or a particular event. To do this, why not add a touch of color to your usual make-up? If these are your ambitions for the future, know that the house of Chanel has thought of you! The brand has just developed a whole new range of eyeshadows. The Ombres Première Eyes Collection by Chanel will inspire you more than ever to dare color. Focus on this new, particularly creative and daring product.

The shine of Ombres Première Eyes Collection

For spring, it seems that Lucia Pica, creative director of Chanel makeup, has decided to bet everything on colors. Indeed, it has developed a new collection of eye shadows available in an infinite number of colors. The Ombres Première Eyes Collection are curled up in individual boxes. The latter offers very daring and particularly varied colors. Azure blue, chick yellow, exuberant purple, silver gray… There is something for all tastes, all styles and all desires. These powders consist of a creamy texture. Thus, they gently melt on the eyelid and make it possible to create make-up with exemplary hold and more or less intense rendering. What’s more, the Ombres Première Eyes Collection contains light-reflecting mother-of-pearl powder. Thus, your gaze will be like a constellation of stars, creating fascination with a simple glance. The Ombres Première Eyes Collection allows you to give free rein to your desires. These can be used alone or in a mix, allowing you to create more or less vibrant gradients. So, whether you are more disco, wise, rock ‘n’ roll or a fan of flashy tones, you will inevitably find something to suit you in this new collection.

Kristen Stewart, face of Chanel

All this colorful palette was then imaged by the attractive Kristen Stewart. Indeed, in the war of muses, it must be recognized that the house of Chanel struck very hard! Her new beauty muse is none other than the world-famous actress from the Twilight saga. It had already appeared in 2016 for the Eye range in an advertising campaign called #EyeCanBe. This collaboration having been a real success, Chanel has therefore decided to continue its beauty with the pretty brunette. What’s more, Kristen Stewart was photographed here by one of the best photographers on the planet, Mario Testino. In parallel, the actress was also staged in a series of three videos published by Chanel. So how about having the same charming assets as the famous actress?

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