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New Rénergie Multi-Glow Cream Lancôme


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New Rénergie Multi-Glow Cream Lancôme
New Rénergie Multi-Glow Cream Lancôme

Rénergie Multi-Glow by Lancôme, care for fresh, dewy skin from the age of 60

Among the biggest enemies of the skin, age is feared by many of us. Indeed, with the years and the hormonal changes, the epidermis tends to lose its freshness. This is the result of his dehydration. Basically, from the age of 30, the skin begins to lose its collagen. Its elasticity is reduced and the first wrinkles deepen. At 40, the oval of the face slackens. At the age of 50, the skin also suffers from small pigmentary disorders. More and more thin, the skin surface becomes dull and its natural radiance is gradually reduced. However, do not panic, it is not inevitable and there is a real miracle remedy to fight against these natural phenomena! Lancôme invites you to discover its Rénergie Multi-Glow cream for people in their sixties.

Rénergie Multi-Glow cream and its unique pink texture

Lancôme Rénergie Multi-Glow cream has been specifically designed to preserve the rosy and fresh radiance of the most mature skin types. In other words, it is a treatment aimed at all women over 60 and which aims to ensure a certain balance between freshness and skin nutrition. Thanks to its unique texture, the contours of your face will be enhanced and your skin will be more supple and plumped. To do this, Lancôme’s Rénergie Multi-Glow cream is infused with red berries, an ingredient that immediately restores a healthy glow and stimulates your skin’s dynamism. Linseed extract is also integrated into its recipe and provides intense nutrition here. As soon as it is applied, your face will appear radiant with beauty!

Clinical tests carried out by Lancôme

The unique, pinkish texture of Rénergie Multi-Glow cream instantly penetrates the heart of cells. Therefore, it provides instant and lasting benefits that Lancôme has, of course, measured through clinical studies. Assessments were performed on more than 50 women after eight weeks of use. The results are spectacular! Lancôme’s Rénergie Multi-Glow cream leaves the complexion up to 81% fresher . The skin appears smoother, more beautiful and firmer up to 80%. She also seems less tired. 74% of users say this treatment is perfect for their mature skin.

Lancôme application advice

You will have understood it, barely out and Rénergie Multi-Glow cream is already attracting many followers! To further improve efficiency, consistency is the key to success! We recommend that you apply this treatment every morning on your face, neck and décolleté, on previously cleansed skin. Make small circular movements to stimulate your blood microcirculation, in order to further improve the natural radiance of your skin. Finally, do not hesitate to complete this beauty routine by adding the Advanced Génifique Serum, a true Lancôme bestseller.

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