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Beauty CareNew Plant Gold treatment from Clarins

New Plant Gold treatment from Clarins


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New Plant Gold treatment from Clarins
New Plant Gold treatment from Clarins

Plant Gold L’Or des Plantes by Clarins, the best of nature for your face

Clarins is a brand with know-how recognized around the world . The leading premium skin care brand in Europe, it is the symbol of French beauty and offers a holistic and daring vision of cosmetics. Constantly pursuing new research, Clarins is continually revolutionizing the world of skin care, with the sole objective of perfecting your beauty as long as possible. In this context, Clarins invites you to discover its new oil emulsion, based on natural ingredients: Plant Gold L’Or des Plantes, a unique skincare ritual.

The double formula of Plant Gold L’Or des Plantes by Clarins

The new Plant Gold Clarins emulsion
The new Plant Gold Clarins emulsion

Day after day, your skin is weakened by all kinds of external elements such as tobacco, pollution, the sun or climatic variations. Likewise, excess sebum or perspiration can affect its glow. Gradually, faced with all these attacks, the epidermis dries up and becomes thinner. Likewise, its microcirculation slows down. All of these are responsible for skin dullness. If your skin loses its luminosity, it’s sort of sending you an alarm signal. To help it, Plant Gold L’Or des Plantes relies on the combination of two different products.

This new generation treatment combines the power of the iconic Blue Orchid Oil with a light emulsion. This product, 100% of natural origin, moisturizes, nourishes and revitalizes the skin. Non-greasy, it allows your face to become more radiant without ever shining. It should be noted in passing that Plant Gold L’Or des Plantes gives off a subtle aromatic fragrance, a real daily delight!

How to apply Plant Gold L’Or des Plantes?

The Plant Gold L’Or des Plantes treatment from Clarins is used on a clean, dry face, once or twice a day. To do this, you just need to take a small amount and heat it between your hands, to bring it to your skin temperature. This facilitates its penetration into the heart of skin cells. Next, apply Plant Gold L’Or des Plantes by stretching it from the inside to the outside of your face, while applying light pressure to the skin. This promotes tissue drainage and improves circulation, which only amplifies the benefits of the product.

Clarins, expert in the use of plants

Plant Gold L’Or des Plantes by Clarins is the result of continuous research and constant innovation. Indeed, Clarins is an expert in the use of plants. The formulas of its treatments include more than 250 ingredients of plant origin, rigorously selected for their exceptional performances. As always, each ingredient in Plant Gold L’Or des Plantes is cultivated with the greatest respect for the environment, with the aim of protecting the biodiversity of our planet, while enhancing your face.

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