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Jean Paul GaultierNew perfume So scandal by Jean-Paul Gaultier

New perfume So scandal by Jean-Paul Gaultier


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New perfume So scandale by Jean-Paul Gaultier
New perfume So scandale by Jean-Paul Gaultier

So Scandal, the new scandalously feminine essence of Jean-Paul Gaultier

Nicknamed “the enfant terrible of fashion”, Jean-Paul Gaultier has always liked to surprise and cause scandal. He made this niche his trademark and appears to everyone as an infinitely inventive and crazy creator. It is therefore precisely in his image that he developed the women’s fragrance Scandal,

Already reinvented twice, to become Scandal By Night in 2018 and Scandal in Paris in 2019, it has not yet said its last word … In 2020, Jean-Paul Gaultier reveals a new edition. This time, its essence becomes even more floral and couture than before. Focus on Jean-Paul Gaultier’s new So Scandal.

So Scandal, a new tin can more couture than before

The new So Scandal comes in Jean-Paul Gaultier’s usual tin can, which is commonly used as packaging. However, this unexpected container takes on a more sophisticated form than usual. Its metallic and raw surface is now covered with a red velvet fabric, with a very couture appearance. The word So Scandal is displayed on its front, in a more sparkling raspberry pink color. Inside this box, Jean-Paul Gaultier delivers us an atypical bottle. He who had accustomed us to bottles in the shape of a bust, this time he preferred a cap in the shape of legs! According to this cabochon, So Scandal is a particularly stunning fragrance! The rest of its base is only roundness and transparency.

The very floral and radiant breath of So Scandal by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Like the other versions of the Scandal fragrance, the new So Scandal is particularly feminine and floral. Extreme and intoxicating, it consists of a huge bouquet of flowers in absolute light. Its solar aura emanates from a trio of orange blossom, jasmine and tuberose. Then, as the woman Jean-Paul Gaultier is also a seductress, So Scandal deploys a sensual elegance, which translates more concretely by milky and enveloping notes. No one seems to be able to resist its spellbinding wake!

Who is the Jean-Paul Gaultier woman?

The one who wears this perfume has absolutely nothing in common and turns out to be a somewhat atypical creature. Its chic style gives it the appearance of belonging to Parisian high society. However, her casualness amuses more than one and makes the crowd notice her absolutely everywhere she goes … In a chic and partitioned world, when good manners are the order of the day, the woman Jean-Paul Gaultier enjoys clichés and acts lightly. Just like the designer himself, the one who wears the So
Scandal perfume
does not care what to say. So, will you dare to do
like her? The uniqueness of a personality increases tenfold the natural charm of women. So, take advantage and dare to stand out!

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