BrandGuerlainNew perfume L'Homme Idéal Cool by Guerlain

New perfume L’Homme Idéal Cool by Guerlain


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New perfume L'Homme Idéal Cool by Guerlain
New perfume L’Homme Idéal Cool by Guerlain

The Ideal Man from Guerlain is getting Cooler, and is cooling off for spring!

Spring is a particularly eagerly awaited season for perfume lovers. Indeed, she often sees a whole bunch of variations of fragrances already famous and appreciated worldwide. The Guerlain house has therefore not escaped tradition and is offering us a brand new edition of its L’Homme Idéal perfume . Initially developed in 2014, it already has several personalities to its credit. Year after year, it is transformed, for our greatest pleasure. This time, with L’Homme Idéal Cool, the emphasis is on plants. No doubt: this new fragrance promises to refresh your summer!

L’Homme Idéal Cool, a more vegetal juice than before

The Ideal Cool Man is no different from his predecessors. Indeed, just like them, it revolves around three successive stages. First of all, its top notes are fresh and lively, as if to embody the image of an intelligent man. It combines bergamot and orange, while refreshing itself with a new addition of mint. The heart of L’Homme Idéal Cool is smoother and more carnal. It has the signature of the entire L’Homme Idéal collection: the almond. Illuminated with neroli, it is also refreshed with a touch of water. Finally, L’Homme Idéal Cool leaves a more powerful and virile scent hovering in its wake. The woods affirm all the character of this juice, mixing vetiver and patchouli.

The Guerlain bottle goes green!

On the bottle side, Guerlain also wanted to highlight the very vegetal and refreshing aspect of its perfume. For the very first time, the L’Homme Idéal collection is enriched with a new green color. In addition, in addition to its connotation close to nature, this color also has a very positive universal scope. Green is a symbol of hope and rebirth. It evokes the nature that comes back to life in spring, and that is precisely what we find in this essence. The L’Homme Idéal Cool bottle is also topped with a mat gray cap, very contemporary and urban. The rest of its bottle is unchanged and takes the shape of the other L’Homme Idéal perfumes . Its robust and square shape says a lot about the determination and strength of the man who carries this essence.

L’Homme Idéal Cool, a fragrance very inspired by Eaux de Cologne

L’Homme Idéal Cool by Guerlain is already shaping up to be one of the most anticipated perfumes of the year 2019. Indeed, its freshness is very reminiscent of the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear, which promises to seduce more ‘a man ! Until the beginning of the last century, men exclusively used this type of fragrance. The aromatic and vegetal freshness is therefore still very present in the male imagination, implicitly evoking the purity of beauty products. Perfectly refreshing, L’Homme Idéal Cool is very comfortable to wear, even on a hot summer day. Not heady, despite all this it preserves a strong tenacity for many hours.

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