PerfumeNew Nomade Eau de Toilette by Chloé

New Nomade Eau de Toilette by Chloé


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New Nomade Eau de Toilette by Chloé
New Nomade Eau de Toilette by Chloé

Nomade Eau de Toilette, Chloé’s new fragrance expected in 2019

The Chloé brand is one of the most refined and feminine brands in perfumery. If her success in the world of smells has remained very mixed in the last century, Chloé has shown a real rebirth since the release of her eponymous perfume in 2008. Chloé returned to perfumery after years of absence, this time embodying a romanticism. absolute, associated with a chic and elegant femininity. However, Chloe’s shy young woman seems to have gradually traded her place for a more free and fiery adventurer. Nomade is a fragrance that made its appearance in 2018, marking a turning point in the history of the brand. Today, building on its success, the Chloé Nomade fragrance returns and takes the form of an Eau de Toilette.

The new lightness of Nomade Eau de Toilette

Nomade Eau de Toilette is a fragrance that is both close to its predecessor, while offering itself a new freshness. It is an ode to lightness that already promises to seduce you on hot summer days. Created by the famous perfumer Quentin Bisch, this fragrance offers a pure and feminine trail. Floral and chypre, Nomade Eau de Toilette begins with a fruity note of lychee, an ingredient here replacing the previous mirabelle plum. The rendering only becomes lighter and more delicate. The femininity of her heart resurfaces with a bouquet of freesia flowers. This slightly peppery plant gives off here a scent close to that of jasmine. Finally, the very spring spirit of Nomade Eau de Toilette is enriched with oak moss for a more assertive character and a more nuanced depth.

Nomade Eau de Toilette, a generous fragrance with a powdery design

Nomade Eau de Toilette comes in a bottle with a visual very similar to that of the previous Nomade. For the record, know that its design is directly inspired by Chloé’s famous Drew bag. In addition, we find its delicate curves and its pink color. Its softness is materialized in particular by a peach pink suede tie tied at its collar. Its cap, golden in color, is the pledge of all its refinement. Its rounded base, all in generosity, displays a powdery glass. Its peach color reappears gently in the transparency of its walls.

Who is the new Chloe wife?

Nomade Eau de Toilette invites us once again to meet the Chloé woman . Succeeding Chloé Poésy, Dree Hemingway, Chloe Sevigny or even the French top Camille Row, the latter is embodied by the seductive Ariane Labed. Here, the pretty brunette is responsible for playing the adventurous heroines. The Nomadic Eau de Toilette woman remains sophisticated while preserving a disarming naturalness. Assumed and inspiring, it draws on its experiences and its exchanges with distant peoples. Nomade Eau de Toilette evokes an exotic elsewhere. He takes us beyond borders, on an initiatory journey. Nomade Eau de Toilette evokes a land full of sharing and escape.

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