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BrandNew makeup from Chanel: Camellia Peach Blush

New makeup from Chanel: Camellia Peach Blush


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New makeup from Chanel: Camellia Peach Blush
New makeup from Chanel: Camellia Peach Blush

The Camélia Peach Blush, a very limited Chanel exclusivity

On the occasion of the end of the year celebrations, the biggest luxury brands compete in inventiveness to make people talk about them. Many are those who develop perfumes in original boxes. Likewise, some famous bottles dress in their gala outfit. Finally, limited editions are emerging. However, it is precisely in this register that the house of Chanel plays. The brand invites us to rediscover one of its famous blushes in a limited edition that will only last one day! The concept is unexpected. So, all in your diaries… The new Blush Camélia Peach du Jardin de Chanel will be on sale only on November 27, and exclusively on the site.

Like a feeling of déjà vu …

The visual of this new blush has already been released. However, it leaves in its path an impression of déjà vu. And for good reason… The Blush Camélia Peach du Jardin de Chanel is a slightly modified repetition of a product already created by Chanel, for the Spring 2015 Collection, Rêveries Parisiennes. Its motive is exactly the same, its presentation also. However, the color of this blush has been slightly changed. In the past, it was a rather pink blush, in a fairly uniform assortment of more or less intense powders. Today, Camellia Peach Blush takes on a slightly more orange tone.

Chanel’s new Camellia Peach Blush

Chanel’s Garden Camellia Peach Blush will only appear on November 27, Cyber ​​Monday. This is a special, very marketing day in the United States. Cyber ​​Monday is the Monday after Black Friday, the last Friday in November, just after Thanksgiving.
Blush Camélia Pêche will unveil a new duo of powders with a mischievous and mischievous shade. These will be compacted to form raised camellia flowers. The rendering of this new blush is absolutely poetic. Very feminine, it is identical to its elder and simply changes color.

The powders of Blush Camélia Peach du Jardin de Chanel will be presented in a black lacquered case, itself slipped into an elegant pouch. The whole thing will also reveal a pattern of camellia. For the record, know that this is a nod to Gabrielle Chanel . It was his favorite flower. Inside this small case, Chanel has also integrated a brush. This small, compact case fits in any handbag. It is a nomadic makeup to take absolutely everywhere with you. Thus, it will allow you to make small makeup touch-ups during the day, and therefore maintain a fresh and dapper complexion from early morning until evening.

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