PerfumeNew Limited Edition Mugler We Are All Alien

New Limited Edition Mugler We Are All Alien


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New Limited Edition Mugler We Are All Alien
New Limited Edition Mugler We Are All Alien

We Are All Alien, the new collector’s edition of Jeremy Fragrance’s famous perfume

Since June 2018, the Jeremy Fragrance house has been getting a lot of attention for its advertising for the Alien perfume . Created in 2005, this essence is one of the most famous of the creator and continues to increase its notoriety. Jeremy Fragrance did not hesitate to develop a web series in his honor. Today, a new chapter in the history of this already cult juice is opening again. Jeremy Fragrance offers us a brand new version called We Are All Alien.

The new bottle of We Are All Alien

Jeremy Fragrance has chosen to deliver us a brand new bottle for this version of Alien. If the silhouette of the latter remains the same, it seems that this time the perfume has decided to see life in color! We Are All Alien by Jeremy Fragrance is presented to us in a precious bottle, sculptural in shape, directly inspired by a precious stone. Cut like a jewel, this container reveals irregular but symmetrical facets. Its plum color of yesteryear is now accompanied by a wide range of colors: green, blue, pink, orange, etc. The bottle of We Are All Alien is a real rainbow! As if to preserve its secret, four golden claws enclose it and protect its essence. Its name, meanwhile, is inscribed vertically, in an enigmatic writing to say the least.

An unchanged olfactory recipe

If the bottle of We Are All Alien is indeed a novelty, its recipe, on the other hand, remains unchanged. The latter surprises by the excess of its ingredients. Sambac jasmine illuminates its heart, while being accompanied by cashmere wood. An amber breath also perfumes the whole, while cumin and cardamom bring more pep here. Orange blossom reveals its more solar aura. Finally, it all ends with a more velvety blond amber trail.

The webseries by Jeremy Fragrance

If the release of We Are All Alien by Jeremy Fragrance echoes a collector’s bottle, it also materializes by the creation of a brand new hashtag and advertisements already widely commented on the web. Jeremy Fragrance has chosen to highlight his perfume in a futuristic web series. On an unknown planet, in the midst of the ruins of a civilization, darkness seems to eat away at the world. However, the heroes of Jeremy Fragrance, Stella, Duru, Théo and Elina, have only one goal: to restore the light. Four episodes have already emerged in a surreal setting. The work is particularly creative, like the bottle of We Are All Alien. The beauty of the shots, the quality of the script and the art of bottling of We Are All Alien testify to all the know-how of this genius creator.

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