Jean Paul GaultierNew Le Male in The Navy Jean Paul Gaultier

New Le Male in The Navy Jean Paul Gaultier


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New Le Male in The Navy Jean Paul Gaultier
New Le Male in The Navy Jean Paul Gaultier

The Male In The Navy, all the power of man in a fresh and maritime scent

Limited Edition 2019

Jean-Paul Gaultier, also nicknamed “the enfant terrible of fashion”, never ceases to be talked about, whether through his clothes or with his perfumes. If the designer has many fragrances to his credit, some of them dominate the market and are considered real bestsellers.

This is the case with the Male, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s cult essence , designed in 1995. Today, it is therefore precisely this which is brought back to the fore. The Male In The Navy is presented as its most intense version, enough to give an even more virile and sexy allure to the traditional sailors of Jean-Paul Gaultier !

The return of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s marinière bottle

Le Male In The Navy fragrance ad
Le Male In The Navy fragrance ad

Let’s start by discovering the bottle of this new perfume. As usual, Jean-Paul Gaultier has moved away considerably from traditional luxury codes and has chosen to present his composition to us in a case in the shape of a tin can. The Male In The Navy is revealed in a cylindrical case fully lacquered in intense midnight blue white. On its front face, its name is surrounded by a whole bunch of retro symbols, like straight out of America of the 50s. Two sailors dressed in traditional costumes lend themselves to a standoff. A pin-up is also present.

The whole is surrounded by a rope similar to that found on ships. Inside this attractive box hides the bottle of Male In The Navy. As usual, this is a male bust, with an athletic silhouette. Different from its predecessors, The Male In The Navy displays a darker color that says a lot about his manhood. Likewise, its visual is more contrasted thanks, in particular, to the presence of white bands outlining its striped sweater, a couture piece inseparable from the universe of Jean-Paul Gaultier.

The Sexy Male Power In The Navy

Le Male In The Navy composition
Le Male In The Navy composition

On a purely olfactory level, Le Mâle In The Navy also keeps all its promises. To make this new perfume, Jean-Paul Gaultier called on two talented perfumers. The Male In The Navy is the work of Quentin Bisch and Nathalie Gracia Cetto. Both have chosen to let themselves be guided by the maritime world to make this perfume. Thus, the oceanic breath seems to be the common thread of his recipe. It is present both in her top notes and in her heart.

The Male In The Navy revolves around an aquatic and salty accord. At its start, peppermint gives it more dynamism and fieryness. Its base, on the other hand, becomes more sensual and warm. Vanilla gives it a sulphurous delicacy, while ambergris preserves its animal breath. The Male In The Navy is already presented as the most intense and powerful version of the entire collection of Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Dipsonible here for only 59.50 €

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