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BrandDiorNew: Joy de Dior Eau de Parfum Intense

New: Joy de Dior Eau de Parfum Intense


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New: Joy de Dior Eau de Parfum Intense

Joy Dior Intense, the first variation of Dior’s already cult perfume

Joy de Dior recently appeared in the world of women’s perfumery. It was launched in the market in 2018. Although still a new kid on the block, it already has a worldwide reputation and has been tremendously well received by women. To satisfy them and offer them even more pleasure, Dior has just announced the release of its first olfactory variation. As of September 2019, Joy becomes Joy de Dior Intense. So how has this fragrance been transformed?

Dior reuses Joy’s ingredients, in different concentrations

Joy by Dior Intense is no different from its predecessor. In fact, he even has a lot in common with him… Overall, his recipe uses the same raw materials. These were simply orchestrated differently, to give us a new balance. The result is a more sensual and luminous essence, masterfully designed by the official perfumer of Dior: François Demachy.

Bottle of Joy de Dior Intense coated
Bottle of Joy de Dior Intense coated

Bergamot is always present in its top notes and comes to refresh the launch of this fragrance. It is here illuminated with neroli. For its heart, Joy de Dior Intense draws its source from the Provençal fields of Grasse, and brings together rose and jasmine. Her femininity is absolute! Gradually, its base softens with vanilla, sandalwood and tonka bean. Finally, musk reinforces the animal sensuality of this composition.

Joy de Dior Intense, a fragrance synonymous with happiness

Much more than a simple perfume, Joy de Dior Intense is a manifesto of happiness and freedom. As the pretty color of its juice suggests, it invites you to see life in pink. “Happy pink”, as the brand puts it so well, Joy de Dior Intense gives life with intensity and pleasure. Indeed, according to Dior, nothing reinforces a woman’s beauty better than making her happy … This is precisely what this new essence is all about.

The finely sculpted bottle of Joy Intense by Dior

On the design side, Joy de Dior Intense is again inspired by its predecessor. Its bottle forms a transparent glass cylinder, giving us a glimpse of a pink-colored juice. On the other hand, its perfectly smooth walls have disappeared in favor of a few bevelled angles. Joy de Dior Intense seems sculpted like a diamond. A lucky star also appears in its base. Its name is displayed in relief on its front face. Finally, Joy de Dior Intense and surmounted by a silver cap, the shine of which shines in a shiny silver wire wrapped all around it. Joy by Dior Intense is presented to us in two different formats of 50 and 90 ml.

On screen, this scent is once again embodied by the alluring Jennifer Lawrence .

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