BrandCalvin KleinNew fragrance Obsessed for Women Intense

New fragrance Obsessed for Women Intense


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New fragrance Obsessed for Women Intense
New fragrance Obsessed for Women Intense

Obsessed For Women Intense, the haunting new breath of Calvin Klein

At the start of 2018, the Calvin Klein brand decided to please its fans by offering them a brand new duo of perfumes. These are called Obsessed For Women Intense and Obsessed For Men Intense . They are clearly inspired by the heritage of the fashion house, and lead us into a new love story, full of ardor and power. Gallantry requires, let’s start by observing here what is the feminine fragrance of this duo. Focus on Obsessed For Women Intense, a sensual interpretation of oriental lavender contained in a rounded bottle.

The opaque black pebble of Obsessed For Women Intense

First of all, let’s start by taking a closer look at the shape of the Obsessed For Women Intense bottle. All in simplicity, it adopts a particularly refined look and all the more design. Curvatures have always been at the heart of Calvin Klein’s Obsession collection. Indeed, the very first perfume of this assortment was born in 1985. At that time, Calvin Klein asked the designer Pierre Dinand to “give Obsession curves evocative of sensuality”. However, this is exactly what we find in this new perfume. What’s more, the round shape of the Obsessed For Women Intense bottle also echoes the first letter of its name. Finally, its black color is both universal and loaded with mystery. That says a lot about its intensity!

When an unexpected lavender slips into the heart of Obsessed For Women Intense

Likewise, on the scent side, Obsessed For Women Intense is a fragrance that likes to stand out. It smells of the Mediterranean and just seems soaked in sunshine. Calvin Klein dared to integrate into its scent a raw material usually reserved for men’s perfumery: lavender. She lives here at the heart of this perfume, and is more carnal than ever. In a very Mediterranean spirit, it is accompanied by sage and violet leaves. Citrus fruits, and more particularly mandarin, enhance its freshness. Finally, Obsessed For Women Intense is finally wrapped in a sweet base of liquid amber and labdanum.

Obsession, a long-standing story for Calvin Klein

As we mentioned earlier, obsession is far from new at Calvin Klein. It all began in 1985 when the brand decided to make a perfume evoking “all the sensuality and ardor of a woman given over to passion”. There followed a wide range of scents made up of Obsession for Men from 1986, Obsession Sheer from 2002, Obsession Night from 2005, Secret Obsession from 2008, and Obsession Summer from 2016. Obsessed For Women Intense is only an ultimate derivative. However, it still manages to captivate us, and renews itself better than ever with this new vibrant burst of passion.

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