PerfumeMen's PerfumeNew fragrance Mustache Original 1949 by Rochas

New fragrance Mustache Original 1949 by Rochas


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New fragrance Mustache Original 1949 by Rochas
New fragrance Mustache Original 1949 by Rochas

Mustache de Rochas, when the traditional Eau de Cologne is enriched with woody flavors

The Rochas house has a rich history marked by many successes. Its perfumes have in them an indisputable part of timelessness. Rochas does not hesitate, sometimes, to plunge us back into its history and bring out one of its most famous fragrances. Today, the brand has chosen to give pride of place to one of its fragrances dating from 1949 and named Mustache. If it is now available in the form of a more sensual Eau de Perfume, let’s first see what is happening with its first version.

Mustache, a revolutionary fashion accessory

Mustache de Rochas is very different from the perfumes of its time. Indeed, the latter tended largely to lack temperament and virility. Mustache, however, dares to be talked about and materializes all the natural charisma of men. At the time of its release, it was crafted to perfect masculine elegance like never before. “Men have their fashion accessories: ties, hats, shoes etc…, their jewelry: cufflinks, signet rings… why shouldn’t they also have a perfume that personalizes them? The true perfume of men, I see it as the one that women would like, says Marcel Rochas, because it would be especially suitable for men.

Mustache, a name inspired by Charles I of England

But where does its name come from? In fact, Marcel Rochas took some time to find this surname. The proposals made to him seemed too gracious or too charming. It was during a stroll through the Louvre that he was won over by the portrait of Charles I of England on the hunt, famous bearded and mustached, drawn by Van Dyck. He immediately decided to call his perfume Mustache.

Rochas puts virility in Eaux de Cologne

If Marcel Rochas chose to be inspired by Charles I of England, it is quite simply because his perfume has, like him, an indisputable virility. It is a fresh and woody fern that is inspired by traditional Eaux de Cologne while adding a more woody and masculine flavor to them. Mustache de Rochas begins with a combination of citrus fruits. It consists of lime, bergamot, orange and petitgrain. Then, its heart is enriched with sage, lavender, marjoram, rosemary and thyme for a more aromatic finish. Deeper and woody aromas then sublimate its base. Its base notes end with a scent of patchouli, vetiver and especially oak moss.

The prestigious and timeless amphora of Mustache

Mustache de Rochas has always been presented to us in a very sophisticated amphora-like bottle. This container here forms a cylinder of gadrooned glass with a manly plumb. Initially, as if to materialize all the prestige of Rochas, it was designed in Baccarat crystal. Completely transparent, it reveals an amber and solar juice. A red label, meanwhile, is invited on its front face. Finally, the T at its center nods to its name, drawing a mustache itself.

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