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PerfumeNew fragrance Lemon Blossoms Serge Lutens

New fragrance Lemon Blossoms Serge Lutens


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Lemon Blossoms from Serge Lutens
Lemon Blossoms from Serge Lutens

Lemon Blossoms, a very light Water of Politeness, signed Serge Lutens

Serge Lutens is a true icon of French perfumery. Literally adored by lovers of fine perfumery, he does not hesitate to explore unexpected territories, even if it means being far from current trends. All that matters to him is the quality of the raw materials, the surprise and the discovery. Nevertheless, Serge Lutens usually takes us to a very powerful and spicy register. However, this time, it would seem that it is time for wisdom. For several years now, Serge Lutens has enriched his Eaux de Polroits collection. The Fleurs de Citronnier fragrance is one of the six essences constituting this olfactory blend and focuses above all on purity and freshness.

The Eaux de Politées collection

It all started in 2010, when the talented Serge Lutens launched this sentence: “luxury begins with cleanliness”. From then on, he was inspired by it to design a whole assembly of noble and light fragrances, very different from his usual register. The Eaux de Politées by Serge Lutens are a perfect demonstration of the perfumer’s know-how. With her, it’s all about transparency. The Eaux de Politées are airy without lacking in temperament. Given their freshness, they are exceptional perfumes to wear on hot summer days.

Lemon blossoms, a whole question of sweetness and freshness

Fleurs de Citronnier is a fragrance which, like every essence of Serge Lutens, accompanies its release with a rather enigmatic quote: “If they light up during the day, the evening sets them on fire. From all the citrus family, from the orange tree to the mandarin tree, without forgetting the large grapefruit, the lemon tree and more particularly its flower, restores the enchanted freshness. Here, Serge Lutens explores all the power of the lemon blossom and gives us all its facets. Its lightness is both incisive but volatile. All the delicacy gradually becomes sweeter and more musky. From an initially very fresh scent, Fleurs de Citronnier becomes a warmer composition. Its vegetal and powerful scent plays on oppositions. Alternately, Fleurs de Citronnier goes from a powdery and iridescent essence to a more honeyed and greedy trail. Serge Lutens celebrates here all the richness of this flower, sublimating it with other ingredients in the background, such as tuberose, petitgrain or styrax.

Serge Lutens’ sleek bottle

Fleurs de Citronnier is a fragrance that comes in a common bottle for the entire Eaux de Politées collection. With a square silhouette, it immediately reminds us of the allure of the famous Chanel N ° 5. Its cap, on the other hand, is totally different. It is taken from the previous Gratte-Ciel collection by Serge Lutens but is here revisited in a translucent texture. The idea is simple: to echo the purity of this perfume. On its surface, the glass of this bottle forms many reliefs. This is to stop the eccentricity. The Eaux de Politées leave no room for the unexpected, and shine with absolute refinement and without any superfluity.

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