BrandNew fragrance La Femme Prada Intense

New fragrance La Femme Prada Intense


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New fragrance La Femme Prada Intense

When the Eau de Parfum “La Femme de Prada” becomes more Intense …

Prada is a regular for perfumed couples. Thus, in 2016, she decided to give birth to La Femme et L’Homme Prada , from juices described as “invitations to emotion and travel”. After a huge success, Prada has now decided to reinterpret them. This time, they come in more charismatic versions than ever. Galanterie obliges, let’s start by presenting the new Eau de Parfum La Femme Intense.

Prada’s new recipe

For now, very little information has filtered out on the recipe for Prada’s new fragrance. We do know, however, that it will take many codes from its predecessor. Indeed, the idea is simply to increase the charisma of La Femme Prada without removing all of its DNA. From then on, La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense will begin with a very feminine scent of tuberose. Flower native to Mexico and introduced to Grasse in the 17th century, it has a creamy and warm flavor, both honeyed and somewhat heady. It is accompanied by the exoticism of ylang-ylang, a plant from Madagascar or the Comoros. Its scent is both heady, powdery and floral, with a slight spicy and almost leathery breath. Finally, the whole is also structured with patchouli, a shrub whose leaves are distilled for a powerful, woody and earthy flavor. As you can see, La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense is a juice that does not lack character!

The epitome of Prada style

Under its imposing charisma, La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense has all the attributes of Prada. It is a juice that is both assertive and very contrasting which depicts all the multitude of facets of the female personality. Indeed, for Miuccia Prada, femininity is so complex that it is impossible to talk about it in a simple way. This juice has the strong personality of the designer combined with the natural elegance of the Prada house. It is a timeless essence, made from rigorously selected ingredients and endowed with exceptional quality. The result is unequivocal: La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense has everything to become a great fragrance.

The architectural bottle of La Femme Eau de Parfum Intense

Finally, on the bottle side, note that Prada has not neglected any detail. This container is divided into two parts. Its front face is flat and makes the light sparkle with a seductive mirror effect. Formerly tinted in a light gold, this part is now more amber and warm. Its rear face, on the other hand, is rounded. It has abandoned its white color of yesteryear against a more intense burgundy red and synonymous with passion. Thus, this new visual perfectly echoes the fragrance it contains. The name of the Prada house, meanwhile, proudly appears in relief on the front of this new container.

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