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BrandDolce GabannaNew Dolce garden fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana

New Dolce garden fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana


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New Dolce garden fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana
New Dolce garden fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana

Dolce Garden by Dolce & Gabbana, when Sicilian spring is bottled

The Dolce & Gabbana house is famous for its always very elegant creations but also very inspired by its country of origin: Italy. Thus, the perfumed collection Dolce , initiated in 2014, has given us since its launch a very Sicilian image. This opulent floral bouquet was then followed by a fresher version, in 2015, named Dolce Floral Drops . Then, a year later, Dolce Rosa Excelsa put forward the scent of a pure and graceful rose. On this line, and as there is around one fragrance from the Dolce range per year, Dolce & Gabbana has decided to give us a new scent for 2018. Get ready to welcome the new Dolce Garden.

Dolce Garden, all the nobility of the Italian land bottled

Like its predecessors, the Dolce Garden perfume offers us a sensory journey to the heart of Dolce & Gabbana’s identity, and more precisely to the depths of Sicily. For the creator of the brand, Domenico Dolce, Dolce Garden contains all “The nobility of the soul, the elegance of daily gestures, the joy of sharing from generation to generation, but also the obvious perfection of a simple white flower. . This is the image of Sicily that I carry deep inside me, he says, and the one that I breathed into this delicate scent. »Dolce Garden is a floral and gourmet juice, radiating pleasure and offering women a new fun experience full of joie de vivre.

Dolce Garden, a floral fragrance synonymous with pleasure

Dolce Garden is directly inspired by a Sicilian garden in bloom. Thus, it evokes the Mediterranean sun and opens with a floral, solar and fruity association of mandarin, magnolia and neroli. This floral surge continues in its heart but this time is loaded with exoticism. It is as if the sun is now at its zenith. Frangipani is associated with ylang-ylang and coconut. Moreover, it is precisely this fruit that gives this juice all its gluttony. This effect is further amplified by the presence of a sweet vanilla at its base. The almond milk envelops everything in a creaminess without half measures. Finally, Dolce Garden is structured by a deeper and more mysterious woody alliance.

The iconic bottle of Dolce & Gabbana is tinted with pink

As always, Dolce Garden is presented to us in the iconic bottle of the Dolce & Gabbana collection. Its thick and transparent glass speaks volumes about its refinement. Its slightly curved lines, for their part, are in keeping with feminine generosity. Dolce Garden has a slightly retro but also contemporary silhouette. The purity of its glass reveals the beauty of a pink-colored nectar. Thus, Dolce Garden undoubtedly appears as one of the most feminine fragrances of the entire collection. The whole is surmounted by a flower-shaped cap paying homage to Sicilian traditions, and more exactly to the sculptures made in marzipan by the traditional pastry chefs of the island. Finally, an elegant black grosgrain ribbon is tied around its collar,the signing of the first Dolce & Gabbana fashion shows .

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