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BrandNew Dior palette: 5 Lolli-Glow Colors

New Dior palette: 5 Lolli-Glow Colors


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New Dior palette: 5 Lolli-Glow Colors
New Dior palette: 5 Lolli-Glow Colors

The Dior Lolli-Glow 5-Color Palette, to add a little cheerfulness to the coming spring

Like clothes, make-up is renewed season after season. Moreover, winter has barely made its appearance when the next spring trends have already been announced by some major brands. The Dior house, undisputed luxury giant, has already presented some of its upcoming novelties for the 2019 summer season. More than ever, cheerfulness and gluttony are the order of the day. Focus on the Dior Lolli-Glow 5-Color Palette , a new collection of colorful eye shadows!

The two pastel harmonies of the Lolli-Glow 5 Colors Palettes

The new Dior palette includes, as its name suggests, five different powders. Celebrating the arrival of spring, the Lolli-Glow 5 Colors Palette relies on pastel shades and original color combinations. Two harmonies with barley sugar motif are available. The first, Sugar Shade, offers you a chocolate-strawberry duo associated with a fresher ice blue. The second, Mellow Shade, combines a lemon color with a pistachio green and a peach color. Both invite you to enter a soft and sweet universe. After all, what could be better than a cheerful treat to celebrate the arrival of spring?

The exceptional color intensity of the Lolli-Glow 5 Color Palette

Lolli Glow 5 Colors Dior
Lolli Glow 5 Colors Dior

The Dior 5-Color Paletteoffers a wide variety of textures. Thus, several renderings are associated in a single case, in order to stylize the eyelid and give it more relief. Dior also achieves an exemplary level of color fidelity here. In other words, the rendering obtained on your eyelid is very close to the color observed in the case. What’s more, the pigments in the Lolli-Glow 5 Color Palette are compacted into a creamy formula that glides over the eyelid and is both very comfortable to apply and also to wear. The powders of the Lolli-Glow 5 Colors Palette merge into an incredibly thin film, and provide spectacular hold. Very light, the Lolli-Glow 5 Colors Palette will make up your eyes for a long time without being noticed.

The nomadic case of the Lolli-Glow 5 Colors Palette

The Dior Lolli-Glow 5 Color Palette is presented to you in a nomadic and refined black case. Incorporating five different powders, it also contains a small mirror, as well as two applicators. Their foam leads of different sizes allow you to make up the eyes with more or less precision, drawing, according to your desires, a fine line or a more subdued color. The brush, on the other hand, helps you create a nice gradient. It melts the colors together and makes it easier to apply your makeup. Therefore, the Lolli-Glow 5 Colors Palette allows you to give free rein to all your desires and to apply makeup wherever you are.

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