BrandHugo BossNew Boss Edition Perfume The Scent for Her

New Boss Edition Perfume The Scent for Her


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New Boss Edition Perfume The Scent for Her
New Boss Edition Perfume The Scent for Her

Boss The Scent For Her, the new seductive composition of Hugo Boss

A year and a half after the launch of its masculine fragrance Boss The Scent , the house of Hugo Boss has decided to develop a feminine counterpart: The Scent for Her , embodied on the screen by the sublime Anna Ewers. Like Boss The Scent, this juice takes us on a journey of seduction, influenced by the artistic vision of Jason Wu, creative director of the BOSS Women ready-to-wear collections. Today, Hugo Boss has yet decided to deliver a new chapter in this story. The brand is currently presenting its new juice: Boss The Scent For Her Edition Parfum. So let’s take a closer look at this warm, elegant and seductive composition.

Boss The Scent For Her Parfum Edition, A Darker Creature

At Hugo Boss, seduction is an art that is not reserved exclusively for men. Thus, the brand takes us far away from stereotypes and overused. Yes Gentlemen, women also know how to play with their charms and their mysteries! Nonetheless, the Boss The Scent For Her Edition Parfum woman doesn’t stop at her beauty to appeal to men. The effect of seduction is an art in its own right and likes to take his time to reveal little by little to his partner. Boss The Scent For Her Edition Parfum is the seductive scent of striking authenticity and truth. Today, however, this juice turns out to be darker than in the past. The Hugo Boss woman is all the more mysterious, which instinctively encourages us to want to discover her.

Boss The Scent For Her Edition Parfum takes on an elegant black color

In perfect harmony with this image, the new bottle of Boss The Scent For Her Edition Parfum now has an opaque black lacquer. The name of the brand is proudly displayed on its front face and only a golden ring located at the level of its collar recalls its luminous cabochon of yesteryear. Its softer peachy pink color has completely disappeared. Likewise, the strength of the Hugo Boss woman is also reflected in the stature of this bottle. Boss The Scent For Her Edition Parfum plays on vertical lines, which says a lot about its powerful character. Its glass, meanwhile, is cut like a jewel, which only amplifies the refined character of this perfume.

The new oriental breath of Boss The Scent For Her Perfume Edition

Finally, on the olfactory level, Boss The Scent For Her Edition Parfum is also more mysterious and bewitching than ever. He places osmanthus at the center of his composition and gives us its hypnotic scent, between candied fruit and blond deer. Boss The Scent For Her Edition Parfum also contains cistus labdanum, a resin with a woody and animal scent. Freesia and peach enrich the start of this scent and envelop it in sweetness. Finally, for more indulgence, Boss The Scent For Her Edition Parfum ends with a darker note of cocoa.

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