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PerfumeNarciso Rodriguez perfume Narciso

Narciso Rodriguez perfume Narciso


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Narciso Rodriguez - Narciso
Narciso Rodriguez – Narciso

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez or the deep essence of sensuality

“Every time my wife puts on one of your dresses, we never leave the house” had said a man in love to the famous fashion designer Narciso Rodriguez. A phrase which naturally highlights the sensuality and elegance of the haute-couture house Narciso Rodriguez but which also inspired the creation of Narciso Rodriguez’s latest perfume, soberly named Narciso.

Narciso, the successor emeritus of the great bestseller of For Her of 2003 , would be like the quintessence in perfume of the velvety and sensual universe of the Cuban couturier. Narciso would be the essence of a woman so sexy that she would bewitch any man in her path. Any presence itself would be illuminated by the elegant and woody femininity of this perfume composed like an elixir of love.

Moreover, the name of this “elixir” refers to the romanticism of Antiquity, especially the myth of Narcissus whose beauty was such that he fell in love with his own reflection. Narciso would therefore be the result of the delicate alchemy between the sensual inspiration of the haute-couture designer and the mythical reference of absolutely irresistible beauty. Besides, Narciso Rodriguez said about Narciso: “Narciso is an unusual name which is reminiscent of the Narcissus of mythology. This resolutely romantic myth is an inexhaustible source of narrative inspiration ”.

The handsome Narciso will therefore not hesitate to let himself be embodied by the radiant and racy beauty of the Brazilian Raquel Zimmerman’s face. Sober and elegant, visuals like advertising spots are highlighted by a chic black and white, thanks to the incredible presence of the beautiful ambassador of Narciso.

Narciso, a woody woman who blossoms the better to bewitch …

The Narciso bottle naturally takes shape in the massive form of glass that adorned all the fragrances of the For Her range from the Narciso Rodriguez perfume house. This time, however, the immaculate whiteness of the glass presents itself as a soft, cottony cloud, totally matching the image of Narciso’s mellow composition. In addition, the designer adds that this bottle was inspired by a beautiful memory: “The white color of the bottle was thought to resemble that of a stone that I found on a shore in Cyprus, when I visited the place of birth of Aphrodite. »Narciso Rodriguez for Narciso.

Narciso, composed by Aurélien Guichard, opens with elegant and very feminine notes of Bulgarian rose, gardenia and orange blossom. Then the ambers and musks of the heart envelop the soft flowers in a veil of absolute sensuality where the flowery wind gives way to intense heat. The sensuality of this animal heart will then take us to mysterious woody depths where vetiver, however often masculine, will become intensely feminine. White cedars and red cedars will play with their nervousness to add to this enveloping background their beautiful powers.

Bewitching, sexy but also unique and confusing, Narciso is written like a vibrant poem on the body of a woman that he makes totally irresistible …

In 2016 accentuates the powdery side in a brand new fragrance: Narciso Poudrée .

Narciso Rodriguez will launch its new perfume Narciso in October 2014. Sensual, elegant and modern at the same time it is a new perfume for women which will be represented by the model Raquel Zimmermann.

Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez
Narciso by Narciso Rodriguez

All dressed in white, the latest born of Narciso Rodriguez makes his entry into France. Well known internationally since 2014, it has finally arrived here to the delight of perfume lovers who were impatiently awaiting it. This very modern fragrance is surprising. Its advertising campaign is most sensual since it is the Brazilian top Raquel Zimmerman, naked for the occasion, who was chosen as the muse. These flavors are confusing while being subtly balanced. All in femininity, its vocation is to praise seduction and the power of attraction, a feeling of the most mysterious, like the olfactory sensations it gives off.

Narciso, an eau de parfum that resonates like a myth

Narciso’s design is puzzling. Very elegant, it is just as refined. Its opaque white surprises and we wonder where the designer went to get this idea. Well know that his color was chosen when he was traveling to Cyprus. It is that of a white pebble found by the creator, on a beach, more precisely the one where Aphrodite was born. This fragrance would therefore be directly inspired by the goddess of love, sexuality and beauty. We have a very promising story here. Yes, but that’s not all… Indeed, his name, Narciso, is reminiscent of the myth of Narcissus. Of rare beauty, it aroused desire, moreover, the nymph Echo expressed for him a real adoration. Here, it’s all about attraction and feminine seduction. Besides, women are his first inspiration and, as he himself says, all his work is aimed at them. As a designer, he began by dressing them in the most beautiful way, so it is only natural that he now adorns them with the most beautiful fragrances.

La nouvelle fragrance déroutante de Narciso Rodriguez

Narciso Eau de Parfum
Narciso Eau de Parfum

A l’image de son flacon et de sa couleur inhabituellement opaque, Narciso est un parfum très surprenant. Il a un côté très mystérieux et intense, tout en étant sensuel et boisé. Il est construit autour d’un cœur de musc et s’ouvre sur un bouquet de fleurs blanches, composé d’essence de rose bulgare et de gardénia. Ces ingrédients si caractéristiques de Narciso Rodriguez se mêlent alors à un absolu de vanille. Sa note de fond est élégante et parvient à mêler à la perfection la personnalité du vétiver d’Haïti, le mystère du cèdre noir et la rondeur du cèdre blanc de Virginie. Nous avons là un équilibre des saveurs proche de la perfection tant sa composition olfactive est précise. Et s’il est étonnant, c’est notamment par l’utilisation qu’il fait du vétiver. En effet, habituellement, cet ingrédient est plutôt utilisé pour des fragrances masculines. Pourtant, il est ici subtilement dosé et le parfum de Narciso Rodriguez est un véritable succès. Il est vrai que, même visuellement, on ne saurait dire avec certitude s’il s’agit d’un parfum féminin ou masculin. Jouant sur cette ambiguïté et ce contraste, Narciso a réussi à obtenir un mélange puissant et délicat à la fois ; à l’image des femmes fortes et moderne qui n’en sont pas moins glamours et sensuelles.

Parfum Femme – Narciso

Un couturier New Yorkais, d’origine cubaine. Un style unique, à la croisée de 3 influences : américaine, européenne, et latine.

Une vision très personnelle de l’élégance intemporelle, où le classicisme offre une nouvelle modernité. Des valeurs au cœur de sa mode qui résonnent dans chacun de ses parfums. “J’aime réinterpréter les classiques de manière moderne”. Narciso Rodriguez Le créateur :  “Je voulais créer un parfum très sexy qui ferait tourner la tête d’un homme”.

Narciso a été développée par le parfumeur Aurélien Guichard. Les notes comprennent la rose, le gardénia, le vétiver, l’ambre, le cèdre et le musc. Narciso de Narciso Rodriguez  sera disponible en Eau de Parfum 30, 50 et 90 ml.

Narciso – Parfum Femme

“J’ai voulu composer une fragrance sexy en diable à laquelle aucun homme ne résisterait”. Le créateur annonce la couleur pour son nouveau parfum Narciso, pour lui c’est un hommage au charme féminin.

Son nom est plus qu’atypique puisqu’il évoque celui de son propre créateur. Le parfum Narciso nous offre une fragrance de caractère indissociable du mythe de Narcisse pour nous conter l’histoire d’un amour éternel. Avec ce nouveau parfum Narciso, la Maison Narciso Rodriguez lance une nouvelle génération de parfums en osant des notes de vétiver dans un parfum féminin qui traditionnellement est réservée aux parfums masculins.

A ces notes de tête viennent s’ajouter le côté puissant du Musc ainsi que la douceur de l’ambre. Et en notes de fond nous retrouvons de

Raquel Zimmermann for Narciso
Raquel Zimmermann pour Narciso

s notes beaucoup plus boisées avec le cèdre blanc et noir, le tout accompagnés par les tonalités florales du gardénia et de la rose bulgare.

Raquel Zimmermann – Narciso

Le parfum Narciso est représenté par la beauté de Raquel Zimmermann. Elle représente l’image même de féminité passionnée rempli de sensualité naturelle. Le top brésilien incarne à merveille LA femme Narciso Rodriguez: élégante et sensuelle.
“Raquel est d’une beauté exceptionnelle. Elle incarne la séduction élégante…”

Parfum Femme

Famille Olfactive : Chypré Lumineux

Notes de tête : Rose, Gardénia

Notes de coeur : Vétiver, Ambre

Notes de fond : Cèdre, Musc

Find it at the best price at our partner: Narciso For Her – Fragrenza Perfumes, as well as all the products of the Narciso Rodriguez brand .

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