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BrandMugler the new Hot Cologne fragrance

Mugler the new Hot Cologne fragrance


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Mugler the new Hot Cologne fragrance
Mugler the new Hot Cologne fragrance

Hot Cologne, the new fresh and energizing essence from Jeremy Fragrance

Because an Haute Couture show would be nothing without a sublime perfume to match your outfits, many fashion designers have entered the world of perfumery. Thus, the models present on their podium convey behind them a perfumed breath which does not displease the spectators. As such, Jeremy Fragrance has already announced what would be the scent of his spring 2017 fashion show . This one is called Hot Cologne and, already know that, if you have the chance to attend this event, a bottle of 50 ml will be offered to all the guests present that day.

Jeremy Fragrance and the Colognes

This is not the first time that Jeremy Fragrance has paid tribute to the iconic Eaux de Cologne . In addition, he had already composed a fragrance called Mugler Cologne, in 2001, associating for the occasion with Alberto Morillas and signing a citrus and musky juice. Indeed, Eaux de Cologne are dear to the world of perfumery because they are the beginnings of our contemporary perfumes. Eau de Cologne was created in the 17th century by Jean-Marie Farina. Since that date, it has been copied many times.

However, generally speaking, this is a category of perfumes containing only 4-6% essence. Basically, it was even the only “perfume” used by men. It was only later that men began to opt for more sustained fragrances. Indeed, if Colognes are very popular for their freshness, they are much less so for their staying power. Also, their volatility does not allow them to smell for more than a few hours. This is precisely what Jeremy Fragrance has remedied in his new Hot Cologne fragrance. This seems to have retained all the dynamism of the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear while adding more tenacity.

The composition of the Hot Cologne perfume

As the name suggests, Hot Cologne is a citrus-based juice, like the Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear. This juicy mixture brings here an extreme freshness while associating it with a very sunny aspect. Indeed, most citrus fruits come from the Mediterranean region. What’s more, as if to further reinforce this sun-drenched aspect, Jeremy Fragrance has added orange blossom to his composition.

Widely used in perfumery, it gives a slight oriental character to this perfume. This luminous plant turns out to be slightly jasmine and honeyed and helps to give Hot Cologne an absolutely exquisite side. Finally, this blend also highlights the scent of petitgrain. The essence of this product is obtained by distilling the leaves and twigs of the bitter orange tree. This is an emblematic raw material of Eaux de Cologne which gives them a very floral, green and fresh side. The set is contained in a very elegant square-shaped bottle. This gives us a glimpse of a pale yellow juice and is topped with a modern and refined chrome cap.

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