Limited Edition PerfumesMothers Day 2014 Perfumes

Mothers Day 2014 Perfumes


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The Cuvée Parfum Printemps Eté 2014 is a vintage full of lightness and fluidity… Scents of escape, flowery, an opportunity to change perfume to say goodbye to winter or simply to please for Mother’s Day. This is one opportunity among many to tell your mom how important she is! But the question we ask ourselves is how to mark the occasion?

Mothers Day 2014 Perfumes

Here is a selection of perfumes that could surprise her and make her happy! This year the flowers are in the spotlight, on the perfume side, the rose is invited in many creations. From the rosehip through the much more refined one creates the surprise and declines the previous olfactory versions. For spring summer 2014, roses are everywhere, a powdery rose at Repetto, airy at Chloé, peppery at Balenciaga and daring at Yves Saint Laurent.

Repetto Limited Edition 2014
Repetto Limited Edition 2014

Discover this new season of fragrances and let yourself be tempted and intoxicated by its gourmet, sweet, powerful and delicate scents.


Buy Repetto perfume from Repetto at a low price in your online perfume store Fragrenza Perfumes .

The new limited-edition Repetto Perfume is adorned with stars, but its fragrance remains the same with delicate, tender and refined olfactory notes. A powdery rose imagined by Olivier Polge.

Rochas water

Rochas de Rochas water
Rochas de Rochas water

Buy Eau de Rochas de Rochas perfume at a low price in your Fragrenza Perfumes online perfume store.

This year, Eau de Rochas is celebrating its 40th anniversary! The Eau de Rochas Perfume was launched in 1972 on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Eau de Rochas has become the cult and transgenerational fragrance… Its main notes are composed of bergamot, lemon and iris and jasmine extract. It is a fresh and sparkling water that remains essential and timeless.

Fresh like dew in spring. Tonic like mountain water.

Sisley Tropical Water
Sisley Tropical Water

Tropical water

Buy Eau Tropicale perfume by Sisley at a low price in your online perfume store Fragrenza Perfumes.

Sisley’s Tropical Water evokes lightness, tropical flowers and lost paradise… A journey that rhymes with an exploration of olfactory notes and an escape of the senses. Isabelle Ornano signs here a seductive eau de toilette that opens with an acidulous freshness sparkling like equatorial rain.

Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde by Guerlain
Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde by Guerlain

Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde

Buy Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde perfume at a low price at your Fragrenza Perfumes online perfume store.

Aqua Allegoria Limon Verde is the epitome of the Latin American continent. Within its case we find exceptional raw materials such as cane sugar and lime. It is the nose of Thierry Wasser that gives the Aqua Allegoria collection a round and joyful fragrance: a tropical Hesperide!

Shalimar by Guerlain
Shalimar by Guerlain


Buy Guerlain Shalimar perfume at a low price in your Fragrenza Perfumes online perfume store.

Shalimar is the flagship and legendary perfume of Maison Guerlain. Since 1925, where Shalimar was born, Jacques Guerlain, creator of the perfume, has been telling his story through the very oriental olfactory notes of the fragrance. He would have drawn his inspiration from the passionate love story between Mutmaz and the Mughal emperor Shâh Jahân. Who, the latter, would have set up the construction of the famous Taj Mahal in honor of his sweet!


Lancôme's treasure
Lancôme’s treasure

Buy Lancôme Trésor perfume at a low price at your Fragrenza Perfumes online perfume store.

L’amour est un Trésor. Le parfum Trésor de Lancôme est le cadeau idéal pour faire plaisir à sa maman. C’est une Eau de Parfum dévoilant des notes fleuries, fruitées, poudrées et ambrées. Son flacon au design précieux vient se lover entre les mains comme une offrande. Parce que l’amour est un Trésor.

Bella Notte Cerruti 1881
Bella Notte Cerruti 1881

Bella Notte Cerruti 1881

Acheter le parfum Bella Notte Cerruti 1881 de Cerruti pas cher sur votre parfumerie en ligne Fragrenza Perfumes.

Bella Notte Cerruti 1881 est le nouveau parfum pour femme de Cerruti. C’est l’occasion de faire découvrir à maman cette nouvelle fragrance très féminine, pleine de sobriété et de classe. Bella Notte Cerruti 1881 promet un été chaud et sensuel, laissant planer le désir des soirées où le charme sera au rendez-vous ! Bella Notte Cerruti 1881 enveloppe avec raffinement les

douces notes de fleur d’oranger, ambre, musc et vanille noire.

Paris Yves Saint Laurent Édition Limitée 2014

Paris First Roses by Yves Saint Laurent
Paris Premières Roses d’Yves Saint Laurent

Acheter le parfum Paris Premières Roses de Yves Saint Laurent pas cher sur votre parfumerie en ligne Fragrenza Perfumes.

Nouvelle escapade dans cette exquise roseraie au cœur de Paris, tout en légèreté pour cette édition 2014 !
Ce printemps Yves Saint Laurent dessine à nouveau Paris. Un design floral aux couleurs printanières, un portrait de sensualité inspiré par l’Amour…

Floral vert musqué, la nouvelle édition limitée Yves Saint Laurent Paris Premières Roses prolonge son histoire d’amour avec la sublime Rose Centifolia et réinterprète son accord majeur avec éclat et douceur.

Retrouvez les au meilleur prix chez notre partenaire Fragrenza Perfumes ainsi que tous les produits de la brand Repetto, Rochas, Guerlain, Lancôme et Yves Saint Laurent.

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