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BrandHermèsMonsieur Li's Garden, a Zen oasis for an Asian...

Monsieur Li’s Garden, a Zen oasis for an Asian summer


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Monsieur Li's Garden, a Zen oasis for an Asian summer
Monsieur Li’s Garden, a Zen oasis for an Asian summer

Since 2003, Jean-Claude Ellena and the beautiful Hermès perfume house have taken us to enchanted gardens where perfumes are born like flowers in spring. From Jardin en Méditerranée to this last opus of 2015 Le Jardin de Monsieur Li, we travel according to the annual Hermès themes and the desires of its great perfumer Jean-Claude Ellena. For this new Asian garden, our senses will be irresistibly attracted by original citrus fruits, green notes and typical flowers that will make us travel all summer long in the extraordinary garden of Mr. Li . A delight!

Monsieur Li’s Garden, Ellena’s fairy garden for Hermès

Jean-Claude Ellena’s perfumery is an impressionist perfumery where memories and sensations give birth to extraordinary scents, sometimes imaginary notes where only pleasure counts. Thus for certain specialists of the house of Hermès and of the style of Jean-Claude Ellena “The Hermessences are haikus, the Colognes are olfactory snapshots, the Gardens are the territory of the house perfumer, the classic references of novels. “.

These Garden Perfumes have been offering us, since 2003 now, astonishing scented getaways and this beautiful Monsieur Li Garden will not be outdone! Inspired by the Asian theme of his house, Hermès’ official perfumer traveled to the borders of China to draw his inspiration but also his first choice raw materials.

“Our approach is always the same: we choose a location, then we go there,” says in-house perfumer, Jean-Claude Ellena. I visited several gardens, in different provinces of China. Once back in France, I remembered the smell of ponds, jasmine, plum trees, kumquats and giant bamboos. “.

So this beautiful flower will hardly need a bombastic advertising effect from Hermès to give us the dream. Between a visual drawn by the fashionable artist Li Xin, his advertising film only offered to a Zen universe and the digital experience of the site in the form of a personal quest, the universe of Monsieur Li’s Garden offers itself as a universe where the mind and body are soothed to better enjoy the scents.

Kumquat and smoked tea served in a bottle, that of “Le Jardin de Monsieur Li” …

The pretty bottle from the Jardin de Monsieur Li does not differ from the legendary glass from the house of Hermès and Calèche. On the other hand, for this Asian opus, the bottle is colored with lemon yellow reflections, almost green, as if to better match the color of the giant bamboos.

Monsieur Li’s Garden opens with an intense citrus drive composed around notes of bergamot, lemon, tangerine, orange and the original kumquat, small Asian tangerines. Then the heat of the neroli flower warms the heart to better accompany jasmine and a sustained vegetal note, like a Zen garden under the sun. The hedione, like the basin where the garden water lilies would float, will bring back its aquatic freshness to these powerful heat. Finally Sichuan pepper and white musks will create a velvety and spicy depth to this totally magical Monsieur Li Garden.

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