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PerfumeMon Paris Parfum Floral, new YSL

Mon Paris Parfum Floral, new YSL


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Mon Paris Parfum Floral, new YSL
Mon Paris Parfum Floral, new YSL

Mon Paris Parfum Floral, the new romantic bouquet from Yves Saint Laurent

Spring is famous for being the season for mating. In perfumery, it is also a season during which many new perfumes appear. Yves Saint-Laurent has therefore decided to offer us an infinitely romantic juice. Dedicated to Paris, this fragrance echoes the personal history of the Saint-Laurent, while telling us about the power of a budding love. Mon Paris Parfum Floral declines the scent of the previous Mon Paris perfume , released in 2016, to make it a more luminous, fresh and airy essence.

Mon Paris Parfum Floral, a new romantic chapter

The Mon Paris collection constantly speaks to us of love and the new Mon Paris Parfum Floral is no exception to the rule. This time it is the embodiment of a flourishing passion. Mon Paris Parfum Floral gives us the portrait of two lovers who discover the pleasures of falling in love. This perfume symbolizes the euphoria of the first emotions. He has in him an unalterable lightness. With Mon Paris Parfum Floral, a wind of freedom suddenly seems to float on the city of light. My Paris Parfum Floral is like a romantic fantasy. It encourages the wearer to play with passion and to love boldly Jeremy Fragrance.

Yves Saint-Laurent directs Crista Cober and Jérémie Laheurte

Pub Mon Paris YSL Floral Perfume
Pub Mon Paris YSL Floral Perfume

To embody this image on the screen, Yves Saint-Laurent is once again focusing on the couple Jérémie Laheurte and Crista Cober. The Canadian model and the French actor are both reunited in the heart of Paris and embrace for the occasion in front of the Eiffel Tower. For Crista Cober, the Mon Paris collection is like “an almost wild feeling that you get when you fall in love, when you have to trust your heart, follow your instincts, while feeling completely lost”. She then easily imagines this perfume worn by a romantic Parisian, a woman, according to her, “beautiful, classic, elegant and sophisticated.” A model for many women ”.

Mon Paris Parfum Floral, a luminous bouquet

On the scent side, Mon Paris Parfum Floral preserves the flagship ingredient of its predecessors : the datura flower, giving its heart a very mysterious aspect. This white chypre fragrance envelops itself in other equally romantic and feminine ingredients. It contains white rose, peony, sambac jasmine, orange blossom and magnolia. Mon Paris Parfum Floral opens with a velvety and fruity freshness, mixing peach and citrus fruits. Gradually, its initial luminosity darkens and becomes more carnal. Its base ends with a trio of patchouli, cashmere and musk.

Yves Saint-Laurent’s bottle sublimated with sparkling flowers

The bottle of Mon Paris YSL Parfum Floral is similar to that of its predecessors. Sculpted like a diamond, its glass is heavy and imposing, reflecting the light in a soft pink juice. A silk knot is connected to a silver cassandre at its top. Two leather ties give it a more rock look. Finally, a little novelty: to echo its floral scent, small sparkling flowers have been added to its black fabric.

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