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PerfumeModern Princess Eau Sensuelle, the latest Lanvin fragrance

Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle, the latest Lanvin fragrance


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Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle, the latest Lanvin fragrance
Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle, the latest Lanvin fragrance

Modern Princess by Lanvin becomes a Sensual Water

Almost all little girls have dreamed of becoming princesses. It must be said that our childhood is often rocked by all kinds of pretty stories designed to awaken our imagination. As if to bring back these memories, Lanvin decided to make an ode to feminine beauty called Modern Princess . His perfume saw the light of day in 2016. Today, he somewhat exhibits the seductive side of his heroine. Lanvin presents its brand new creation: Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle.

Steffy Argelich, a disarming princess

No, the Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle perfume is not the embodiment of a kind of doll like straight out of a little girls’ tale. In reality, it is rather a new vision of today’s woman. Lanvin’s Modern Princess has a bold personality and a rebellious touch. His freedom is absolutely essential to him. The Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle fully assumes its hidden side and looks more like an adventurer than a classic princess. Once again, this perfume will be embodied on the screen by Steffy Argelich. The pretty brunette confides to have “always liked the intriguing universe of Lanvin, its very Parisian aesthetic”. For her, Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle is the embodiment of “a strong woman. A woman who is not content to stay in the shadow of men.

Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle, a floral and fruity fragrance

First, let’s start by getting a glimpse of the scent of this perfume . So far, very little has been disclosed about his recipe. Nevertheless, we already know that Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle will be a clever balance between softness and freshness. Thus, he gives us the image of a tender but particularly explosive femininity. Its energizing scent emerges from its flight through the presence of a bitter and invigorating pink grapefruit. Then, the composition of Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle softens on contact with a more velvety peach. Here we have the two main ingredients of this new composition, halfway between ardor and appeasement.

Lanvin opts for a bottle similar to a vaporous dress

If the duality of the character of Lanvin’s Modern Princess resurfaces in its composition, its bottle on the other hand clearly plays the card of poetry and femininity. The bottle of Modern Princess Eau Sensuelle has a vaporous, dress-like silhouette emphasizing the natural elegance of women. Its glass forms a multitude of curves and lets us glimpse, in its transparency, a peach color reminiscent of bare skin. Lanvin’s name is inscribed in passionate red on its front face. Finally, a metal chain beautifully interweaves the ring of this bottle. This is one of the emblems of the Lanvin house.

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