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BrandGuerlainMitsouko, a perfume closely linked to the history of...

Mitsouko, a perfume closely linked to the history of Guerlain


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Mitsouko, a perfume closely linked to the history of Guerlain
Mitsouko, a perfume closely linked to the history of Guerlain

Mitsouko is an iconic perfume for women from Guerlain. Also, its history does not date from yesterday since it was created in 1919 by Jacques Guerlain. Its name comes from the Japanese heroine of the successful novel La Bataille by Claude Farrère, which appeared ten years earlier. Its bottle, meanwhile, was designed in 1911 by Raymond Guerlain, on the occasion of the launch of the L’Heure Bleue perfume. Moreover, for the record, know that the group Rita Mitsouko drew the inspiration of its name from this perfume.

Mitsouko, the name of a heroine

Mitsouko is a particularly original name. However, this sounded obvious to Jacques Guerlain. Indeed, the latter had the idea of ​​this creation by reading the novel La Bataille by Claude Farrère. This literary success takes place at the heart of the 1905 war between Russia and Japan. This story is embellished with a romantic romance between Admiral Togo, gone to war and a Japanese woman named Mitsouko. Jacques Guerlain was literally seduced by this incredible love story and decided to create a perfume from it. Mitsouko is the essence of a loving woman whose feelings are unconditional. In addition, it marks a change in the feminine universe. Indeed, at the time of its release, women were beginning to free themselves. They smoke, wear pants and cut their hair. Freedom is everywhere and the Mitsouko woman is the embodiment of the joy of living. She lives fully and makes up for lost time. She does not hesitate to make people talk about her without being devoid of class. Finally, his life is an eternal celebration.

A perfect olfactory balance created by Guerlain

Mitsouko is a chypre and fruity fragrance . It is the result of brilliant work and unparalleled know-how. However, its formula is very short and includes only nineteen ingredients. At the top, the notes are sweet and almost candied. There is particularly fishing accompanied by the fusant of bergamot. Its heart is more floral and sees blooming lilac, jasmine and rose. We also feel that spices add to it all, but Guerlain has made a point of keeping these elements secret. In the end, this mystery only makes his recipe all the more charming. The fund, meanwhile, is characteristic of chypre fragrances. It combines oak moss, patchouli, ambergris and vetiver. Mitsouko is perfectly balanced and this is undoubtedly where the secret of its longevity lies.

Its bottle has also become emblematic of the Guerlain house. It borrows that of the Blue Hour. It is square and harmonious. However, he seems to have feminine shoulders that curl like commas. Its stopper is remarkable and constitutes an inverted heart. Thus, it becomes a nod to the novel La Bataille and is an allegory of impossible love. Its collar is adorned with a very refined silk cord. Finally, there is the emblematic gold seal of the Guerlain house.

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