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BrandMiracle, the Lancôme foundation that works wonders!

Miracle, the Lancôme foundation that works wonders!


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Miracle, the Lancôme foundation that works wonders!
Miracle, the Lancôme foundation that works wonders!

Miracle Lancôme, the foundation for a natural result

Foundation is an essential base for any successful makeup. Indeed, it makes it possible to camouflage the slightest flaw and to perfectly unify the skin of the face. It evens skin tone and allows you to display a radiant and luminous glow, similar to that of a doll. However, it is essential not to abuse it so as not to obtain a “mask” effect. It is therefore precisely with the aim of maintaining a very natural look that the Lancôme Miracle Foundation has been developed . Benefiting from all the expertise of the house, it sublimates the face in a single pass and takes care of your beauty throughout the day.

The Miracle Foundation, an invisible result

The Miracle Foundation is different from the others, because it manages to sublimate your skin without ever being noticed. The result is so natural that you will wonder if you are wearing makeup or if your complexion is just gorgeous, even when naked. Lancôme Miracle Foundation offers a fresh and luminous complexion. It conceals small imperfections and invisibly reveals the unique beauty of each epidermis. Its radiance comes simply from an association of pearlescent, which only increases the luminosity of your face. The Miracle Foundation offers a fresh, flawless finish. From then on, the skin appears perfectly smooth and unified.

The other benefits provided by the Miracle Foundation

At the same time, Miracle Foundation brings many other benefits to your skin. He was able to make the most of all Lancôme’s expertise in cosmetology. Thus, it is very comfortable to wear and offers the feeling of bare skin. It is not heavy and lets the epidermis breathe. Moreover, it brings continuous hydration to the face and ensures its water stability for eighteen hours. The Miracle Foundation is therefore perfectly suited to the most sensitive skin. It reduces redness and prevents irritation. Non-comedogenic, it prevents the appearance of small unsightly pimples. Finally, because the sun is the skin’s worst enemy and accelerates skin aging, Lancôme Miracle Foundation contains sun protection with an SPF15 index. In other words,

How to apply the Miracle Foundation?

Lancôme Miracle Foundation is best applied with a brush. You can do this by warming a small amount on the back of your hand and stretching the foundation from the center of your face outward. This gesture can also be done with the finger. For more coverage, do not hesitate to combine it with a corrector pen that will hide your small imperfections and give your skin more dullness.

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