PerfumeMille Feux, an ode to scented light

Mille Feux, an ode to scented light


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Mille Feux, an ode to light
Mille Feux, an ode to light

It was in 1854 that Louis Vuitton founded the house of the same name. Initially, he created travel trunks up to the flat travel trunk which would revolutionize the world of luggage. He will be noticed by crowned heads like the Empress Eugenie.

In 1914, Louis Vuitton opened the “Vuitton Building” at 70 Champs Elysées, the largest travel goods store in the world. After a first trial in perfumery in 1927, Louis Vuitton returned in 2016 with a dazzling “Louis Vuitton Parfums” collection. The essence “Thousand Fires” is undoubtedly the one that shines the most on our skin.

A Thousand Fires, between light, golden rain and starry night

It took Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, no less than 4 years, to put together such an exceptional collection. Each essence highlights noble and precious ingredients. If all the fragrances encourage us to escape, to travel, “Mille Feux” pays homage to light, to the sun, which greatly contributes to amaze us.

“Mille Feux” is a fragrance between sun, golden rain, starry night and aurora borealis which dazzles everything and everyone in its path. Thanks to the notes of leather and styrax (an ingredient offering an animal scent), “Mille Feux” is considered a very very sensual juice …

The very elegant notes of Mille Feux

Maison Vuitton defines “Mille Feux” as an “emotional bomb… An incandescent fusion of raspberry and leather, an ode to light…”

The composition of “Mille Feux” is fashioned with an infusion of leather exclusive to Vuitton. “Mille Feux” begins with the freshness of bergamot associated with the sweet and sparkling notes of raspberry. The heart is ultra floral, because it is loaded with osmanthus, jasmine, iris, rose, all enhanced by saffron. The base is at once virile, animal and racy thanks to accords of leather, patchouli, iris roots and sandalwood. As tempting as its composition, the nectar resembles molten gold.

The bottle, similar to the 7 fragrances, is the work of Australian designer Marc Newson. Very popular, the latter is known for its daring and refined designs. It is precisely this minimalist bottle that we discover here, and for all the bottles in the collection. The glass is heavy and looks like an apothecary’s vial. The whole is topped with a black metallic cap highlighting the brand’s “LV” emblem. Its transparent base, thus revealing the dazzling color of its nectar.

“A Thousand Fires” or all the beauty of light. Radiant with beauty, luminous and full of life, “Mille Feux” is a rare essence that knows how to make us completely dependent …

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