BrandAzzaroMademoiselle Azzaro Eau Très Charmante: French chic embodied by...

Mademoiselle Azzaro Eau Très Charmante: French chic embodied by Azzaro


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Mademoiselle Azzaro Eau Très Charmante: French chic embodied by Azzaro
Mademoiselle Azzaro Eau Très Charmante: French chic embodied by Azzaro

Mademoiselle Azzaro, treat yourself to a Very Charming Eau to put all of Paris at your feet!

Who said Loris Azzaro only had eyes for Italy? The Mediterranean designer admits to being fascinated by his native country. However, he readily concedes that Parisian women have a little extra elegance that differentiates them from all other women in the world … However, this is precisely what he was inspired to design Mademoiselle Azzaro in 2016. Today hui, the Azzaro brand has chosen to portray a new portrait of this charming and refined woman. Prepare to welcome Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Charmante, a new composition that is more fruity and mischievous, but just as elegant as it is disarming.

Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Charmante offers a new, more fruity trail

Mademoiselle Azzaro was initially a floral and woody fragrance, embodying all the grace and joie de vivre of a young Parisian. Even today, the idea is to be inspired by all the elegance of women, adding a part of playfulness and irreverence. To let this mischievous temper reappear here, Azzaro has chosen to incorporate many fruits into his perfume. Thus, Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Charmante begins with a duo of blackcurrant and grape. These ingredients immediately make our mouths water, while clearly surfing the trends of gourmet essences of the moment. Then, the pear further amplifies this juicy breath in its heart, while being accompanied by peony. This very feminine flower, but not heady, gives off a feeling of very spring lightness. Gradually, Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Charmante warms up in contact with creamy sandalwood. Musk completes this composition with a more animal and sulphurous note.

Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Charmante, the embodiment of French chic

Behind its apparent lightness, Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Charmantehides a natural charisma and is aimed at all women who are not afraid of anything. The woman who wears this essence fully assumes her femininity and gracefully displays all her dynamism. Pounding the cobblestones of Parisian streets with a determined step, Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Charmante is a real eye-catcher. Although not a seductress at heart, she seems to leave in memory an indelible memory. But what is his secret ? This time it seems that it is a small bottle straight out of a jewel case. The new bottle of Mademoiselle Azzaro l’Eau Très Charmante is sculpted like a precious stone. Its rounded glass base reflects all its softness, while being finely chiseled. Its multiple facets play with light and return it in a bluish-colored juice. An elegant satin ribbon bearing the name of this perfume is attached to its collar. Finally, a small silver cap protects its vaporizer with modernity. So, what are you waiting for to take off her headgear and get drunk on her spring scent? Let yourself be seduced by the light heart of this perfume and intoxicate yourself with all its good humor!

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