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PerfumeLumière, a tribute to the great classics of Rochas

Lumière, a tribute to the great classics of Rochas


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Lumière, a tribute to the great classics of Rochas
Lumière, a tribute to the great classics of Rochas

The Rochas brand was founded in 1925 by Frenchman Marcel Rochas. Since that date, it has gained worldwide notoriety, thanks in particular to the determination of the creator’s wife, the famous Hélène Rochas. Also, it seems that the brand has today decided to pay tribute to its heritage. To do this, it has decided to reinterpret some of its great scent classics. In this case, she has chosen here to offer us all the radiance of femininity through the new Lumière Eau de Toilette.

Rochas reclaims a 1960 bottle

If the Eau de Toilette Lumière reinvents one of Rochas’ greatest perfumes, it also puts this one in beauty thanks to one of the most famous bottles of the house. In addition, this juice comes to curl up in the case of Madame Rochas, a perfume invented by Hélène Rochas herself, in 1960. L’Eau de Toilette Lumière is presented to us in an elongated bottle with a traditional spirit. . This one is carved in eight cut sides.

Its silhouette is inspired by a janusette, a small 18th century salt flask that Marcel Rochas had found a few years earlier. Thus, L’Eau de Toilette Lumière is a real dive into the history of the Rochas brand. The whole is decorated with a golden cap, similar to that of yesteryear. All this gives us a glimpse of a bright and amber juice that we are eager to discover.

The solar radiation of Eau de Toilette Lumière

On the scent side, like the Lumière perfume from 1984 or its successor, from 2000, Eau de Toilette Lumière appears to be a juice radiating with happiness. This gives us the image of a bright and fully accomplished woman. This is all at the same time: sensuality, harmony and generosity. Eau de Toilette Lumière is a scent similar to pure emotion. It thus offers us a handful of magical seconds inviting us to come together. Its scent opens with a floral, airy and fruity blend. The tenderness of lily of the valley is here associated with the freshness of honeysuckle.

Peach and plum, for their part, bring a sweet indulgence to this perfume. Moreover, it is developing a little more in his heart. Eau de Toilette Lumière contains apricot, an ingredient for velvety skin as tender as a caress. The latter accompanies a huge floral and romantic bouquet. Eau de Toilette Lumière combines rose, heliotrope and iris.

The result is an absolutely feminine and poetic juice. The whole finally ends with a more syrupy and warm base from which emanates scents of vanilla, sandalwood and white musk. Undoubtedly, Eau de Toilette Lumière is a perfume similar to a precious mist, a dive into time making you want to surrender to the sun.

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