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PerfumeLouis Vuitton Mille Feux perfume

Louis Vuitton Mille Feux perfume


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Louis Vuitton Mille Feux perfume
Louis Vuitton Mille Feux perfume

Mille Feux, Louis-Vuitton’s new sensual animality

Succeeding Jennifer Connelly, Michelle Williams and Alicia Vikander, Léa Seydoux is the new face of the Louis-Vuitton brand. Also, after a first campaign shot by photographer Patrick Demarchelier, in Mexico, it returns on the occasion of the release of seven new fragrances: Rose Des Vents, Matière Noire, Mille Feux, Apogée , Turbulences, Dans la Peau and Contre Moi… These are the names of the new juices produced by Louis-Vuitton. These are all concentrates of sensuality and give thanks to the beauty of the fairer sex. Also, among them, there is one who is unquestionably responsible for animal sensuality. Mille Feux is nothing but a concentrate of leather and already promises to awaken your erotic side.

The use of leather notes by Louis-Vuitton

Initially, in order to obtain leathery notes, perfumers used scraps of leather from Russia. They let the latter infuse until the desired essence was obtained. Today, it is a completely different process which makes it possible to obtain this type of scent. Leather notes are reproduced in the laboratory and are usually created by combining synthetic or natural raw materials such as styrax or labdanum cyst. While leathery notes can be both masculine and feminine, they all have in common that they bring character to the juices that contain them. Thus, Mille Feux appears to be a very daring and highly sensual juice. What is more, this perfume appears to be very original. Indeed, rare are the fragrances to display leather as the main element. In reality, it slips rather discreetly into the background of the essences. Thus, Mille Feux fits perfectly into the philosophy of Louis-Vuitton, marvelously combining originality and elegance. Everything was done by the official perfumer of the house, namely Jacques Cavallier-Belletrud. Likewise, the whole was developed within the bastide of Fontaines Parfumées, an estate located in the Grasse region and purchased by Louis-Vuitton with a view to exclusively use it forthe manufacture of its fragrances .

The design of the Mille Feux bottle

On the bottle side, Mille Feux reveals its color similar to that of molten gold. Thus, it becomes all the more tempting and has enough to stir up all the attraction of consumers. Its design is quite clean and the whole has been thought of as a minimalist version of an apothecary vial. What’s more, its rounded and fully transparent base is contrasted with an opaque black metal cap. This then highlights the LV emblem of Louis-Vuitton. Everything was developed by Australian designer Marc Newson and his style is clearly recognizable here. Indeed, the latter is known for his daring associated with his sobriety. Each of his creations displays a very refined minimalism, which has allowed him to work with the biggest brands like Ford, Airbus or Apple.

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