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PerfumeLily of the valley: the fragrance of spring signed...

Lily of the valley: the fragrance of spring signed Molinard


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Lily of the valley: the fragrance of spring signed Molinard
Lily of the valley: the fragrance of spring signed Molinard

The beautiful story of the Molinard perfume house began in 1849 thanks to Hyacinthe Molinard and its floral waters sold, almost from the start, to the greatest of this world. Centuries have passed and Molinard remains a great name in perfume. This is how in 2015 the pretty Lily of the valley released in the Les Elements Exclusifs collection to remind us of the origins of Molinard while making us exhale green and fresh scents, very springy in short.

Lily of the valley or the emblematic return of Maison Molinard to Eaux Florales

If the Molinard de Grasse house was particularly known in the 20th century for its oriental creations such as the magnificent Habanita or even the beautiful Nirmala diamond, the 19th century was especially marked by its creations of floral waters.

Indeed Hyacinthe Molinard, the aptly named, opened his perfumery in Grasse in 1849 in order to sell perfumes for the great majority composed with the production of local flowers: jasmine grandiflorum, rose centifolia, violet, neroli flower …

The precious essences arranged in beautiful bottles quickly attracted the elegant ladies of the world and the gentlemen in search of pure and delicate colognes. The notoriety of these floral waters was such that Queen Victoria, passing through Grasse, made Molinard floral waters her favorite fragrances while offering the house international recognition.

In homage to its promising beginnings at the Molinard house as well as to the magnificent flower productions of Grasse, Muguet the delicious spring was born for the first time in the 90s, then a second in 2015 as part of the Les Elements collection.

A floral scent like a lucky charm: Muguet de Molinard

The Les Elements de Molinard collection is adorned with two distinct bottles for its creations: one would be the festive dress of precious essences, the other a tribute to the traditional distillories designed by Eiffel for the Molinard house. Muguet will therefore appear either in a shiny square bottle of bright purple, or in a cylindrical bottle topped with a copper stopper referring to the story of Molinard.

From the top notes, there is no doubt the note of lily of the valley reminds us how well this Muguet perfume lives up to its name. This flowery and fresh breeze carries us lightly to the heart of the Lily of the Valley to better offer us its delicious notes of rose. Refreshed and slightly moistened by the lotus, Muguet goes to meet the aquatic and floral depths of water jasmine. A bath of freshness and flowers that will delight all spring hearts!

“The irresistible lucky charm, the delicate flower with intoxicating bells envelopes with its singular freshness. With its unique floral heart, Muguet de Molinard invites you for a getaway in a lush green garden, which is reborn on the edge of spring… ”Molinard for Muguet, Les Elements collection.

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