PerfumeMen's PerfumeL'Homme Ultime, a novelty by Yves Saint Laurent

L’Homme Ultime, a novelty by Yves Saint Laurent


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L'Homme Ultime, a novelty by Yves Saint Laurent
L’Homme Ultime, a novelty by Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint-Laurent’s L’Homme perfume appeared in 2006. While M7, its predecessor, embodied provocation and daring, it instead symbolized restraint, wisdom and elegance. Also, this trend change within the brand did not fail to surprise. However, this new essence was very successful from the start. Thus, like any self-respecting best-seller, this perfume had the opportunity to be revisited many times. It is therefore in this continuity that Yves Saint-Laurent will soon release his brand new perfume simply called L’Homme Ultime . This will see the light of day during the month of February 2016.

The charm of the man from Yves Saint Laurent

If the perfume L’Homme by Yves Saint Laurent from 2006achieved an incredible success it is, certainly thanks to its subtle smell, but it is above all thanks to the image which it gives off. Indeed, Man is presented here as we like to imagine him in our wildest dreams. He is the embodiment of the contemporary ideal man. He is charismatic, daring and authentic at the same time. Her personality is halfway between naturalness and sophistication. Its charm has, since its release, remained unmatched. So rest assured, in this year 2016, Yves Saint Laurent does not want to transform this gentleman in any way. He simply chose to make it more modern and accentuate its mysterious side. From now on, L’Homme Ultime will reveal itself through its various olfactory touches and will enjoy playing on contrasts. The Ultimate Man thus displays an exacerbated freedom without lacking in control. This fiery and daring man is presented as being particularly virile and wild while remaining delicate. He will once again be embodied by the handsome Vinnie Woolston. There is no doubt that the magic of Yves Saint Laurent should not take long to operate.

The power of the Ultimate Man

If the Ultimate Man is advertised as being so seductive, it is undoubtedly because he manages to turn his contrasts into real assets. Thus, it is at the same time aromatic, woody and intense. His invigorating aspect takes absolutely nothing away from his virility or his charisma. L’Homme Ultime starts with an energizing note of grapefruit. This citrus fruit is then associated with the liveliness of ginger as well as that of cardamom. The heart of L’Homme Ultime is intended to be more sensual and delicate. The rose brings an irresistible tenderness. However, it is embellished with sage. This ingredient enhances the tone of the whole. Likewise, geranium releases spicy and slightly minty aromas. Finally, it all ends with a more woody and virile scent of cedar and vetiver. On the bottle side, The Ultimate Man is undeniably inspired by his elders. Its case is cylindrical in shape, made of heavy and very refined glass. Its transparency thus gives a glimpse of the limpid color of its juice. The whole is covered with an octagonal cap forming a sort of large bolt. The rendering is very masculine and does not lack daring. However, the shine of the cork and its mirror effect only reinforce the refinement of the whole.

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