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BrandL'Homme Prada Intense Eau de Parfum

L’Homme Prada Intense Eau de Parfum


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L'Homme Prada Intense Eau de Parfum
L’Homme Prada Intense Eau de Parfum

All the elegance and daring of Prada in L’Homme Eau de Parfum Intense

2016 was a particularly significant year for Prada. Indeed, it has been a few years since the brand had given us a duo of perfumes. However, this was done thanks to the release of La Femme and L’Homme Prada , two complementary juices that have achieved immense success. Following on from this creation, the Prada brand has this time decided to develop two new versions. Focus on the most virile of this duo: L’Homme Prada Eau de Parfum Intense.

The universal chic of the Prada house in a perfume

Prada is not known for its tidy fashion and responding to a very classic style. On the contrary, it is full of ardor and all the impertinence of Miuccia Prada is found in each of her creations. However, this is precisely what it is about in this perfume. L’Homme Prada Eau de Parfum Intense expresses all the diversity of masculinity. Indeed, today there are almost as many different characters as there are men on Earth. It is therefore particularly laborious to bring together all this complexity in one and the same bottle. To achieve this, the Prada house has tried to bring together several identities in L’Homme Prada Eau de Parfum Intense. This juice juxtaposes many noble ingredients of perfumery, creating a very charismatic and particularly tempting breath.

The amber and warm recipe of L’Homme Prada Eau de Parfum Intense

So, let’s take a closer look at how this translates into his recipe… First of all, let’s start by pointing out that L’Homme Prada Eau de Parfum Intense has not completely erased the DNA of its predecessor. Thus, its main ingredient is always iris, one of the noblest flowers in perfumery. Exclusively reserved for luxury perfumery, this plant is native to Italy, hence the attachment of Prada to the latter. Here, it delivers a particularly powdery elegance and is accompanied by patchouli, a more sustained ingredient with a complex flavor, both woody, earthy and camphoric. Amber also brings more warmth to this scent. This natural resin gives the whole a more balsamic side while the whole is still wrapped in tonka bean.

Prada’s new bottle

Finally, note that the visual of L’Homme Prada Eau de Parfum Intense perfectly respects the design of its predecessor. It takes exactly the same shape, for the occasion with a completely flat front face and a rounded back. Prada’s name is displayed on its front in silver letters to match its cap. However, the colors of this container have now been transformed. Its back is still lacquered in black. On the other hand, its front face is much darker than before. The black color has completely taken over this bottle, which only gives it a more assertive masculinity.

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