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BrandL'Essentiel, the new Guerlain foundation

L’Essentiel, the new Guerlain foundation


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L'Essentiel, the new Guerlain foundation
L’Essentiel, the new Guerlain foundation

The Essential Foundation, the union of exceptional performance and a natural finish signed Guerlain

Guerlain is a beauty and makeup professional. What is more, if the brand displays such notoriety, it is above all thanks to its constant concern for innovation. By developing Terracotta in the 1980s, Guerlain offered women more lightness. Before her, foundations were often very opaque and unnatural. Now, women are looking for aerial sensations. Above all, they favor light and natural foundations, but effective, tenacious and respectful of their skin. It is therefore precisely all these elements which are finally grouped together in one and the same formula. Focus on the new L’Essentiel Foundation from Guerlain .

The Essential Foundation, a natural make-up with remarkable effectiveness

Guerlain’s L’Essentiel Foundation surprises with its composition highly concentrated in ingredients of natural origin. Indeed, it contains 97% natural raw materials, a feat! However, this does not affect its effectiveness in any way. The Essential Foundation displays impeccable hold for 16 hours. It camouflages all your little flaws, while preserving the effect of bare skin. Its light but very adherent texture melts on your face, creating a feeling of second skin. The L’Essentiel Foundation has perfectly buildable coverage, from light to medium, for a very sought-after nude effect, and more specifically appreciated during the summer season. L’Essentiel Foundation lets the skin breathe and thus makes it more beautiful every day. The balance of your face is perfectly respected and your skin becomes always more homogeneous. Its natural active ingredients also prevent the appearance of imperfections and protect your skin from pollution. To match your natural skin tone as closely as possible, Guerlain’s L’Essentiel Foundation is already available in 30 different colors, enough to satisfy the desires of all women.

The proven effectiveness of L’Essentiel Foundation

To demonstrate the effectiveness of its L’Essentiel Foundation, Guerlain has implemented dermatological tests. Day after day, skin pores are tightened and their visibility is reduced by 49%. Pigment imperfections are reduced up to 39%. Thanks to the care active ingredients it contains, the L’Essentiel Foundation refines the skin texture and makes the complexion more radiant. Much more than a simple make-up product, the L’Essentiel Foundation is a treatment in its own right.
On the scent side, it is enriched with all of Guerlain’s expertise in perfumery, and gives off a slight musky and woody scent, associated with white almond. Its base is creamier, revealing the creamy breath of sandalwood, tonka bean and white musks.
Finally, the Fond de Teint L’Essentiel comes in an infinitely seductive bottle, imagined by designer Mathieu Lehanneur.

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