PerfumeL'Eau de Rochas Summer Escapade, new solar freshness

L’Eau de Rochas Summer Escapade, new solar freshness


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L'Eau de Rochas Summer Escapade, new solar freshness
L’Eau de Rochas Summer Escapade, new solar freshness

Spring has barely appeared when Rochas already seems to want to take us to the heart of summer! Indeed, the sign has just announced great news. She has decided to reinterpret one of her greatest perfumes to make it the brand new Eau de Rochas Escapade Estivale. Rochas then sublimated its original fragrance with a new, fresh and radiant breath. The result is a deliciously scented fragrance, a real burst of freshness accompanying the beautiful days.

The new bluish source of Rochas

How about discovering the new Eau de Rochas Escapade Estivale by first appropriating the history of its predecessors? For the little anecdote, know that Eau de Rochas was made by perfumer Nicolas Mamounas, in 1969, while he was traveling in Greece. Indeed, after watching the sun rise over Delphi, it went to the Source of Castalie. He was literally captivated by the impression of tranquility emerging from this waterfall projected onto a bluish rock.

From then on, he decided to make a perfume of it. This is how the legend of Eau de Rochas came to life. However, as if to refer to this story, the brand has decided to integrate this perfume in a bottle that is both precious but raw, as if hewn from the rock. Forming a thick cylinder of glass, it has irregular walls. L’Eau de Rochas Escapade Estivale is no exception to the rule and has retained the silhouette of its elders. The water thus seems to flow right through its walls. The whole is surmounted, as always, by a precious sphere similar to a quartz. On the other hand, the real novelty of the year 2017 is rather the color of this container.

The Eau de Rochas Escapade Estivale is delivered to us in a turquoise blue similar to a paradisiacal sea. Likewise, its solar aspect is reflected in a yellow border adorning its label.

The refreshing recipe for L’Eau de Rochas Escapade Estivale

On the scent side, Rochas seems to have bet everything on freshness. This fragrance begins with a fresh and invigorating flight. The orange gives it a citrus side while the green apple makes its start more juicy and fruity. L’Eau de Rochas Escapade Estivale further intensifies its freshness in its heart. Indeed, it is full of mint. In this sense, it is a very appreciable perfume to wear in any season, including on a hot summer day. Moreover, its solar aspect is also highlighted by the presence of orange blossom. Aquatic notes then sublimate the whole and make it more limpid.

However, the Eau de Rochas Escapade Estivale eventually darkens in its wake. This fragrance unveils a base more sustained and structured by cedar. Amber wraps the whole thing with a more syrupy aspect. Finally, musk increases the almost animal sensuality of this juice.

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