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BrandLe Rêve Nirmala by Molinard

Le Rêve Nirmala by Molinard


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Le Rêve Nirmala by Molinard
Le Rêve Nirmala by Molinard

Le Rêve Nirmala by Molinard, a “dream of gluttony”

There are perfumes that seem endowed with a certain timelessness allowing them to cross the ages without ever getting old. Thus, it is precisely to this kind of fragrances that the Molinard house wished to pay homage.

The latter has just revisited the Nirmala perfume, a juice dating from 1955 and still considered today as one of the brand’s greatest successes. This newcomer to the large Molinard collection is called Le Rêve Nirmala and takes us into a modern and gourmet world delivered in an architectural bottle.

The origins of the Nirmala Dream

Maison Molinard is an exceptional perfumer. She was born in Grasse, in 1849. Cradled between sea, mountain and fields of flowers on the horizon, she knew how to use the most beautiful materials of nature to deliver rare and unique perfumes. Today, Molinard’s know-how has been passed down from generation to generation to reach the talented Celia Lerouge Bernard, the first woman in the family to head the company.

“Cradled by the most beautiful dreams of perfume,” she says, “I grew up with precious essences and the sensations they provide. Today, I make it a point of honor to uphold the tradition of our house and the secret of its longevity ”. This is how Celia Lerouge Bernard wanted to reinterpret one of Molinard’s greatest perfumes. Nirmala was born in 1955. This sparkling juice, whose name means in Sanskrit “luminous, brilliant”, was a kind of romantic stopover, a true ode to love. Also, it is a bit of this gourmet journey, both exotic and floral, that Le Rêve Nirmala revisits with a touch of modernity.

The rebirth of one of Molinard’s greatest perfumes

The Nirmala Dream is a “tasty candy dream”. At least that’s what the Molinard house likes to call it. This juice does not lack, in fact, nothing of greed. Le Rêve Nirmala is a fragrance containing notes of candied almonds, praline and chocolate. These irresistible flavors are accentuated by the freshness of citrus. In addition, Le Rêve Nirmala is dominated in its top notes by the sweet presence of bergamot associated with the tangy facet of mandarin. Peach, on the other hand, brings here its juicy nectar. Floral nuances of magnolia, rose, orchid and violet also make the whole thing more romantic.

Le Rêve Nirmala is then reheated with hot wood for more sensuality. It is like “the embodiment of a carefree world”, young, feminine and sensual. Everything is delivered to us in Molinard’s signature bottle, more precisely that of the Nirmala since its makeover in spring 2015. Everything combines very feminine pink nuances with particularly refined touches of gold.

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