Jean Paul GaultierLe Male The perfume of Jean-Paul Gaultier, the scented...

Le Male The perfume of Jean-Paul Gaultier, the scented breeze from the abyss


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Le Male The perfume of Jean-Paul Gaultier, the scented breeze from the abyss
Le Male The perfume of Jean-Paul Gaultier, the scented breeze from the abyss

Le Male Le Perfume, the sailor of Jean-Paul Gaultier makes a refreshing but warm wind float in the air

Le Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier was created in 1995 and still ranks as one of the most famous juices on the planet. Presented in a glass bust covered with a striped sweater, it embodies a virile and elegant masculinity, while revealing an aromatic scent recognizable among all. Several times reinvented, Le Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier is celebrating its 25th anniversary this time. On this occasion, the designer reveals a new facet of his personality. The Male Le Parfum comes in a new black lacquered bottle. On the scent side, it preserves its lavender while playing on a most striking hot-cold contrast!

Le Male Le Perfume, the captain’s perfume!

To celebrate this anniversary, Jean-Paul Gaultier does not change the decor. On the other hand, his sailor seems to have taken rank. “Not quite an admiral, but still very admirable, the sexiest sailor in the world has just been improved: now he is a captain”! This perfume is aimed at today’s men and invites them to reveal their sensuality and their natural charisma. Recently presented in the factory of Jean-Paul Gaultier, Le Male sets out again for a long journey. On the upper deck, it looks great and knows how to be chic and attractive. Le Male Le Parfum is a juice that we imagine worn by a muscular man, the shirt open and the torso swept by the wind.

Jean-Paul Gaultier transforms his glass bust

On the bottle side, Le Male Le Parfum is still presented in the famous bottle by Jean-Paul Gaultier, in the shape of a male bust. Realistic and almost alive, this man always wears a striped sweater, an iconic piece by Jean-Paul Gaultier. However, this time, its blue color has completely disappeared, in favor of black lacquering. Particularly elegant, its vaporizer takes on a golden color. More than ever, Le Male Le Parfum has released its gala outfit. Everything is presented to us in the couturier’s usual tin can. However, its gunmetal color has been replaced by a shimmering black as well as some gold details. Which class !

Le Male Le Perfume, a very contrasting lavender

Le Male Le Parfum by Jean-Paul Gaultier owes its existence to perfumers Quentin Bisch and Nathalie Grazia Cetto. Together, they have chosen to reclaim its iconic lavender scent, while enveloping it in other ingredients. At first, on contact with cardamom, lavender is fresh and spicy. Then, little by little, it warms up in a more woody and oriental trail. Male Le Parfum ends with a touch of vanilla, giving us a daring and powdery trail.

Male Le Parfum comes in two formats of 125 and 75 ml. It is expected in July 2020 and will first be available in Italy, Spain and the Middle East.

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