Jean Paul GaultierLe Male Le Parfum by Jean-Paul Gaultier, a new...

Le Male Le Parfum by Jean-Paul Gaultier, a new captain at the helm


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Le Male Le Perfume, a new captain at the helm
Le Male Le Perfume, a new captain at the helm

Le Male Le Parfum: make way for Jean-Paul Gaultier’s new sailor !!

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s first fragrance was a feminine fragrance embodied by the sublime Kate Moss and named Le Classique. Two years later, Jean-Paul Gaultier decided to create his male alter ego, this time called Le Male. World famous, this juice is therefore celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2020. Symbolizing a sailor dressed in a striped sweater, it is renowned for its unique scent of lavender and its invigorating freshness. Today, it further intensifies this contrast and gives us a new hot-cold game, while giving its bottle a new color. Le Male becomes Le Male Le Parfum by Jean-Paul Gaultier. So get ready to get on board and stay the course, we’ll take you on a cruise …

Le Male Le Perfume, the scent of a charismatic and sexy captain

Le Male Le Parfum preserves the image of the sailor of yesteryear. However, on the occasion of his birthday, the young sailor seems to have taken the rank … He is now captain and reveals in the eyes of all his natural sex appeal. Unlike other sailors, he does not sleep on a bunk bed but sails comfortably in his own private cabin. Sexy, endowed with a devastating look and tanned skin, he does not hesitate to turn the heads of women in every port where he puts his suitcases. With its contrasting scent, Le Male Le Parfum manages to attract all eyes to it with a single breath.

Lavender from Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier takes on a new lease of life

Le Male Le Parfum preserves the iconic scent of lavender from Jean-Paul Gaultier’s collection. However, this time, this Mediterranean flower turns out to be more contrasting. For this, it is accompanied by other ingredients. First fresh, it is spiced with cardamom. Then, little by little, Le Male Le Parfum evolves towards a more powdery, oriental and woody trail. Its touch of vanilla gives it a smoother and more exotic flavor. This daring fragrance is the work of perfumers Quentin Bisch and Nathalie Grazia Cetto.

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s bust is tinted with a new black color

Finally, to introduce himself to us, the captain only needed a bottle to match his elegance. It is now done! Le Male Le Parfum is revealed, as always, in packaging in the form of tin cans. However, its old-fashioned gunmetal color has faded in favor of a shimmering black, still embellished with some golden details, sparkling and luxurious. The bottle itself is composed of a glass bust whose protruding muscles are covered with a striped stripe. The old blue hue has disappeared in favor of a dark and elegant color. Only the vaporizer of this bottle has a golden lacquer. Everything is available in three versions of 75, 125 or 200 ml.

Le Male Le Parfum is a fragrance aimed at today’s men and inviting them to reveal their natural charm. Excite Jean-Paul Gaultier’s factory and welcome to the ship’s upper deck!

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