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Jean Paul GaultierLe Male André Edition, the new Eau Fraiche by...

Le Male André Edition, the new Eau Fraiche by Jean-Paul Gaultier


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Le Male André Edition, the new Eau Fraiche by Jean-Paul Gaultier
Le Male André Edition, the new Eau Fraiche by Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier joins forces with graffiti artist André

Jean-Paul Gaultier is nicknamed by many “the enfant terrible of fashion”. He does not hesitate to mix genres and go against trends. After showing the men that he could afford to wear a kilt or a dress, he decided to give them a perfume. This was done in 1995 with the creation of Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier . Today, this cult essence has already been adopted by millions of people across the entire planet. Each summer, it is also transformed into a limited edition Eau Fraiche. As spring arrives, Jean-Paul Gaultier lifts the veil on his next version: Le Male André Edition.

Jean-Paul Gaultier, in collaboration with André Saraiva

To develop this new limited edition, Jean-Paul Gaultier has put the small dishes in the big! He chose to collaborate with one of the most influential graffiti artists of the moment: André, or rather André Saraiva of his real name. A true urban star and from the world of graffiti, he has today abandoned the walls of cities for the largest contemporary art museums on the planet. Venice, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Paris,… No central place for art can resist it! André is more particularly famous for his characters of Mr. and Mrs. A. Moreover, it is indeed Mr. A who invites himself on the bottle of Male André Edition.

The graffiti bottle of Male André Edition

The Male André Edition comes in a 125 ml format and will be available from the end of March 2018. It retains the silhouette of the traditional Male but offers a more figurative striped sweater than before. Striped in a gradient of blue, it is today decorated with Monsieur A, the famous character of the graffiti artist André. The Male André Edition is presented in the iconic tin can of the collection. For the occasion, the latter is surrounded by a blue label, on which is affixed a square which also includes the figure of this funny little character. The Male André Edition is also labeled with the #I Love Gaultier.

The fresh and aromatic breath of Male André Edition

On the scent side, Le Male André Edition is the work of perfumer Nathalie Gracia Cetto. In reality, the perfumed breath of this new version is more or less the same as that of these two previous editions, namely Popeye from 2016 and Superman from 2017 . The whole takes off on a dazzling scent of aldehydes, bergamot and neroli. It gives off a very airy and sunny aspect. Then, the heart of Male André Edition becomes more aromatic and masculine. Sage remains the main ingredient of this composition and envelops itself in woody and amber notes. The base of Male André Edition then rests on a syrupy and creamy trio of vanilla, tonka bean and sandalwood.

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