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BrandLancômeLe Bocage Deodorant by Lancôme for sensitive skin

Le Bocage Deodorant by Lancôme for sensitive skin


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Le Bocage Deodorant by Lancôme for sensitive skin
Le Bocage Deodorant by Lancôme for sensitive skin

Lancôme Bocage Deodorant, an ideal product for sensitive skin

It all began in 1935, when Armand Petitjean imagined “a world where cutting edge research and beauty would be one.” He decided to name his project Lancôme. Since that day, Lancôme has taken us into a whirlwind of femininity. The rose has become its flagship ingredient and each of its products is synonymous with sweetness. Thus, when Lancôme develops skincare or other cosmetic products, it is always a question of sensitivity. Le Bocage Deodorant is a perfect example. Very gently, it sublimates your skin and adapts perfectly to the most fragile skins.

Why is the skin of the armpits sensitive?

Your body is completely covered with skin. However, your epidermis is not the same depending on the different areas of your body. In the armpits, the skin is particularly thin. What’s more, it is naturally covered with hair. However, it must be recognized that this is not really glamorous or trendy. Therefore, we shave. Yes but now, shots or the passage of razor blades are very irritating elements. This greatly sensitizes the skin and can sometimes make it uncomfortable. The armpits are also an area through which we sweat. They are therefore moist, which makes your skin even more vulnerable. Choosing a good deodorant is therefore essential for your comfort and for the health of your skin.

Bocage Deodorant, a product synonymous with softness

Bocage Deodorant is a roll-on product with an alcohol-free formula. This is because alcohol tends to dry out the skin. It is therefore ideal for all people who are naturally more sensitive to armpits. Its ball, specifically studied by Lancôme, allows you to apply the right amount of product to the skin. Therefore, the comfort is absolute and immediate. Its formula is deliciously fresh. It provides immediate and long-lasting protection against perspiration without ever attacking the skin. Given its softness, Bocage Deodorant is absolutely perfect for everyday use. Le Bocage Deodorant by Lancômeis recommended in particular after waxing or shaving. Even with micro cuts, it does not create a burning sensation. Its Deo-Relais ™ system specially patented by Lancôme will not make you choose between protection and well-being. Thus, you will no longer have to fear excess sweating. Lancôme Bocage Deodorant will accompany you from early morning until evening, whatever the circumstances. What’s more, its compact size fits easily in any handbag. Thus, it could well become your best ally in everyday life, allowing you to feel fresh for hours on end.

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