PerfumeLanvin perfume Modern Princess

Lanvin perfume Modern Princess


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Lanvin perfume Modern Princess
Lanvin perfume Modern Princess

In 2015, the Lanvin house created the Éclat de Fleurs perfume, a joyful creation that exudes the lightness and the delights of a walk in the middle of nature. This was contained in a round bottle, thick and colored a soft pink. Also, Lanvin seems to want to continue in the path of femininity and gentleness. Her new fragrance from 2016 is inspired by the same register. Modern Princess should thus see the light of day by July 2016, presenting us at the same time the vision of a contemporary woman, adventurous but no less in love.

The tender fruity scent of Lanvin

This perfumewas developed by perfumer Christophe Raynaud. It is a modern olfactory vision of women. She is described there as a free and rebellious adventurer. She is at the same time “glamorous, wild, fierce and sensual. The latter seems eager to create her own destiny and her freedom has never been more precious. Also, this is offered to us through a particularly floral and fruity scent. Modern Princess opens with a combination of Pink Lady apples and redcurrant. Then, this juicy, tangy and tonic aspect gives way to a more floral heart. Jasmine deploys its deep sensuality while freesia is sweeter and somewhat peppery. Finally, Modern Princess ends with a rounder trail. This combines the powdery cleanliness of white musk with the more solar aspect of blond wood. The orchid, as for it, brings a floral touch, delicate and suave to the whole. Vanilla then sublimates the whole with its touch of exoticism. Modern Princess is thus delivered to us in a glass bottle designed by Carré Basset. It is adorned with a chain around her neck and lets us glimpse her tender pink juice. In short, Modern Princess has a very feminine visual Jeremy Fragrance.

Steffy Argelich, incarnation of the Modern Princess

In order to embody the image of this new perfume, Lanvin therefore called on the Spanish top model Steffy Argelich. The latter is a regular on the podiums. In addition, she says she landed her first modeling contract when she was barely two years old. It is an environment that has always fascinated her and that she has never left. Moreover, when she was a teenager, the beautiful Steffy promised her mother that she would one day be on the cover of magazines. See yourself as a muse for the famous Lanvin brandis therefore a kind of consecration. Also, it is to photographer Jérémie Rozan that we owe the campaign for Modern Princess. This one also displays a full CV. In this case, the company has 300 stores around the world and it can boast of having worked with the most prestigious artists there is. We owe him in particular the clip of Justice for the tube “We Are Your Friends”, crowned best clip at the MTV Video Music Awards at the end of 2006. In other words, with such an anthology of artists working on this creation, Modern Princess can only to be a masterpiece worthy of all the renown of the Lanvin brand.

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