PerfumeLacoste For Light Women

Lacoste For Light Women


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Lacoste For Light Women
Lacoste For Light Women

Lacoste Pour Femme Légère, new fragrance for summer 2017

Perfumery is a more complex field than it seems. Indeed, even if the purists agree to say that you should not change your perfume when you have found yours, we are not exactly of this opinion. In our opinion, perfume is an element that changes with the seasons. This one can be quite opulent and tenacious in winter. On the other hand, it can be more boring in the summer. When the days are hot, it is better to opt for more lightness. It is precisely in this direction that the house Lacoste has worked with its brand new fragrance Lacoste Pour Femme Légère.

Revisiting an iconic Lacoste fragrance

Lacoste Pour Femme is a perfume that was born in 2003, while the Lacoste brand was growing in popularity. Indeed, the brand then had the ambition to restore its image and give it a new breath of modernity. Retaining its traditional values ​​of elegance, comfort and authenticity, Lacoste relied on more refinement. This is how she launched herself into perfumery. Its first juice was intended for men. It was created in 2002. Anxious not to neglect the fairer sex, Lacoste decided, barely a year later, to develop its female counterpart. This is how Lacoste Pour Femme was born, a direct descendant of the brand new Lacoste Pour Femme Légère. A true accessory of refinement that sublimates the natural beauty of women, this perfume was quickly qualified as a graceful and spontaneous fragrance. This embodies the image of a free and light woman, can get carried away quickly and sometimes acting on a whim. Well, almost 15 years after the release of this first fragrant part, it seems that the philosophy of this juice has absolutely not changed.

La senteur aérienne et printanière de Lacoste Pour Femme Légère

Lacoste Pour Femme Légère has been revisited by perfumer Olivier Cresp. Moreover, this one was already at the origin of the first version of this perfume. Born in Grasse, the perfume capital of the world, he seems to have fallen into the world of perfumery even before having seen the light of day. Each of his creations rhymes with escape and today we can no longer count the number of best-sellers produced by this perfumer. This one likes to say that if it were a flower it would be a jasmine. It must be said that his parents cultivated this plant. It is therefore quite logical that the latter chose to place it at the center of the composition of Lacoste Pour Femme Légère. This perfume leaves behind it a floral and solar scent. He blends jasmine with white heliotrope as well as hibiscus. Its start, meanwhile, is all about freshness. Bergamot is here coupled with the bitterness of grapefruit as well as the tangy facet of mandarin. The blackcurrant makes the whole more fruity and delicious. Pink pepper, meanwhile, brings more impertinence to this fragrance. Finally, Lacoste Pour Femme Légère ends with a more enveloping base. This one plays the card of woody flavors while accentuating its musk sensuality.

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