Beauty CareKenzoki Sacred Lotus Serum

Kenzoki Sacred Lotus Serum


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Kenzoki Sacred Lotus Serum
Kenzoki Sacred Lotus Serum

Intense hydration offered by Kenzoki’s new Sacred Belle de Jour Face Serum

Kenzoki is the name of the line of cosmetics belonging to the big house Kenzo. If this brand is part of the current trend with active ingredients always drawn from the heart of nature, it has the particularity of making us travel thanks to its many plants coming directly from Asia.

Moreover, the name of this product alone is enough to transport us to the other side of the world. Kenzoki offers us a whole assortment of treatments with intoxicating textures, bewitching scents and refined packaging. Meeting all these criteria, the new Lotus Sacré Belle de Jour Face Serum has just appeared. Focus on this unique product that promises to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.

The Belle de Jour range from Kenzoki

Kenzoki’s Belle de Jour products all show the same promise: to regulate the natural balance of your skin, restore its proper functioning and make it lasting more beautiful, younger, more radiant and smoother. Each of Kenzoki’s Belle de Jour care products contains Sacred Lotus, an ingredient widely recognized in cosmetology for its soothing, hydrating and rejuvenating benefits. The Belle de Jour range aims to fight against the appearance of visible signs of aging.

To do this, it continuously hydrates the skin while depositing its pleasant textures on your epidermis, both soft and light. Each of the Kenzoki products is a call to travel filled with calm and serenity. Thus, the new Sacred Lotus Face Serum is no exception to the rule. This takes you to the heart of China for a protective and rejuvenating break.

The benefits of the Sacred Lotus in the new Belle de Jour Face Serum

Kenzoki Face Serum bases most of its recipe on the benefits of Sacred Lotus. This plant, both terrestrial and aquatic, has been recognized for millennia for its benefits in terms of cosmetology. Its use in terms of beauty dates back to ancient times. Indeed, the rhizomes of the Sacred Lotus are excellent for health. They are rich in fiber, vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6, phosphorus, copper and manganese. Its seeds, on the other hand, are rich in phenol and have antioxidant properties. In Japan, the Lotus is considered the flower of eternal youth. Besides, the Lotus is also the sacred flower in many Eastern religions. Most Hindu, Asian or Egyptian deities are depicted with lotus flowers.

From then on, it’s a bit as if the Belle de Jour Face Serum possessed an element of irrational power. This decongestant plant will purify your skin and help it regenerate. Its soothing scent will make your skincare ritual a real moment of relaxation. Sacred Lotus Face Serum has unique healing abilities. It fights against skin aging, preserves the epidermis, rebuilds it and reduces the appearance of wrinkles already installed. To give you its benefits, you just need to release a small amount in the palm of your hand, warm it up and apply it to your skin with light circular movements.

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